Me encanta Kiryu y la relación de padre que tiene con los niños del orfanato y la de hermano mayor que tiene con Rikiya pero el resto de la historia me parece floja y el combate es un desastre

Cuestionable design choices all around bu it helps me a lot to go outside and touch some grass and Pokemon makes my brain generate funny chemicals

This review contains spoilers

Vale pero por que llevarias a una niña en helicoptero a donde hay una bomba

Will make you have a fun time for like 2 hours and then you forgot it existed. The dream events are kinda neat

A perfect game to play while watching unnecessary long youtube video essays.

Feels so much like 2000s pc shovelware that is charming AF

Unironically one of the games that make me more emotional

A nightmare to emulate, but a fun and unique game

A solid 2011 3DS plataformer, is very charming and i enjoy how it has different levels than the console version. I wish it has more than seven tho.