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mikhomak completed BattleBit Remastered
As per usual, my background:
1) Love Bf3 and BF4 and consider them to be one of the best shooters
2) Didn't really play the next entries or the previous ones
So when this game came out of Beta or whatever, i immediately bought it even tho I hadn't really heard about it before.
So after 20 hours, I can say, yeap, this shit is amazing. The fact that this game was made by 3 people is obviously stunning. The gameplay is fire, the shooting and just running around is super fun. Voice chat and 200+ players are super fun.
The core gameplay is just super fun and enjoyable.
But sadly it didn't give me these "BF" vibes. It's great on its own, no doubt about that, but I just don know, I kinda stopped playing shooters beyond BF and overwatch
Anyway really great game and an amazing achievement for the devs and the community as well

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