I remember I was kinda hyped for this game when it was announced cuz of the story mode, but then forgot about it
Then, after some time I saw a post in acecombat subreddit saying that it was like "ace combat" but racing. Say less my guy, that's my horny dream. I love ace combat and i love racing
So I usually play "arcade sim", like f1, forza motosport and so on. I play it with the wheel and in first-person mode, so just to establish my preferred way of playing racing games.
So, the main thing that I was interested in is the main story. It's structured in a similar way to "Drive to survive", a documentary about F1. Pretty much it's real ppl on cameras, taking place in a singular season of some moto racing championship. I'M DOWN.
The characters are pretty cliche but that is what it makes it good. Bad guys are so bad, they just show with every second they are in. Good guys are underdogs who always are in the fucked situation. That's the part that I adore: simple cliche characters, good over-the-top drama, simple and effective.
This story also makes some races more impactful, sometimes you actually feel that "oh this son of the bitch said that and this about me, I'm gonna race him rly hard this race" and so on, there is even one somewhat emotional moment near the end. Also during the races, they add some cool music depending on the mood of the story. That's the best thing that the game can offer.
Sadly, that's about that. That's the only feature of this game that makes it stand out. But the worst part is that it's just not enough. There are 36 or 31 races in total, and about 10 of them have cutscenes. And like only 2 move the story forward, the rest of them is just establishing the characters and showing how bad the main guys are. I'M fine with it, but there is just no story development. Deadass the story progresses only in the last 3-4 missions. There is a beginning where you only get introduced into stuff, the middle part has no story, and then the end.
It just feels like there is no story whatsoever. Such a letdown, I was expecting all kinds of drama, sports drama, character drama, and business/politics drama... but I kinda got nothing... The actors and acting are good, I really liked all of them, but there are just not enough interactions. I wish every race was treated as the last one. And cuz of how little we gotta see them, you can't connect with them and they just gonna be forgotten :(
So, the story, while I was super hyped for it and super excited, was a let down cuz it was wayyy to little of it.
Now gameplay
It's fine, but it just doesn't feel as good as other games. I dunno how to describe it. It's an arcade, but if you disable every assist setting and crank up the difficulty, you will get more enjoyable racing, but it still feels kinda clumsy. Especially fucking pick-ups or wherever these cars were. I dunno, at the end, I really wished that I was playing forza motorsport tho
Anyway, I was super hyped for it. It was kinda my dream racing game in my mind. Dramatic sports story with good gameplay... But it has such a small "story" and the gameplay is alright... Also the performance wasn't that good on xbox one s
Anyway, I know that dlcs enhance the story. I might check them out later, but for now, this game is a disappointment for me

Reviewed on Mar 03, 2023