As per usual, my background:
1) Love Bf3 and BF4 and consider them to be one of the best shooters
2) Didn't really play the next entries or the previous ones
So when this game came out of Beta or whatever, i immediately bought it even tho I hadn't really heard about it before.
So after 20 hours, I can say, yeap, this shit is amazing. The fact that this game was made by 3 people is obviously stunning. The gameplay is fire, the shooting and just running around is super fun. Voice chat and 200+ players are super fun.
The core gameplay is just super fun and enjoyable.
But sadly it didn't give me these "BF" vibes. It's great on its own, no doubt about that, but I just don know, I kinda stopped playing shooters beyond BF and overwatch
Anyway really great game and an amazing achievement for the devs and the community as well

okay so my background:
1) didn't care about souls game when there were coming out
2) last year played Dark Souls 1 and enjoyed it
3) went pretty blind with this one
4) but knew that it was considered "shitty" and a lot of players has skipped it
So how's the game? Pretty fucking good. I understand some of the frustrations that people are experiencing but honestly, it wasn't that crucial for me.
So I will be discussing this game by also comparing it to the first one cuz I think they are quite similar.
What I liked:
1) Armour, weapons, and builds - what I really love about Dark Souls is how you build your character based on the weapon you choose, cuz every weapon gives you a different move set. It's not a big one(just like 5 different moves) but god damn, spears feel insanely different from big axes. I love this shit, and in dark souls 2 there is even more variety in this regard. More weapons, more weapons types and you can choose any weapon and finish the game. Also you probably be experimenting throughout the game and switching weapons cuz THEY FEEL COOL, not necessarily cuz this sword gives you +45 crit chance, or cuz it's just PURPLE RARITY. Always feels so fresh with these movements.
2) Twinblades - they kinda suck but god damn they look cool
3) Powerstance - Kinda useless but god damn looks cool
4) You can wear heavier armor and still fast roll. I was surprised that you can fast roll even at 50% of weight. Yeah, the roll is not as far as the 30% but at least it's fast. Gives me more room to play with different armor.
5) Amount of bosses and locations is insane. Yeah some of them are pretty meh, but damn, some of the locations are so cool looking
6) Power fantasy- I love power fantasy games, and dark souls are pretty good at this, but this one god damn. It gives you so many levels and badass weapons that by the end of the game you feel like a powerful powerfuck.
7) 4 rings. 4 Rings are cool af.
8) Exploration is still rewarding af. I love souls game for that. If you see a waterfall, there will be a cool as weapon behind it. And cuz in dark souls the weapons and armour is so much more important and fun, it's just like good ol times, and not just changing the "rarity" of your weapon.
9) Despawning enemies. Honestly, I think that is a pretty good mechanic. If you are stuck with a boss run you can clear the run and also level up at the same time. But if you wanna grind them, you also have options to spawn them again. On some of the bosses, this saved my mind(especially in the begging)
Okay, now what I didn't like:
1) Aimlock is fucked up. That's the only technical issue I have with the game. Cuz I was playing a strength build this shit pissed me off quite a lot. I got used to that and played it safer with the attacks, but god damn this is bs.
2) Yeap, some of the boss runs are pretty shitty
3) Too many fucking invaders. It's okay to fight them and whatnot, but they are mostly just annoying obsticales. They are pretty easy to fight against, but holy shit there are lots of them and they don't give you a lot of reward for killing them.
4) Majula. Yeah Ik, a lot of ppl liked it and i see why. The location is peaceful, the NPCs are quite interesting, the music is nice, and overall I love hub locations like this one. But it just felt so out of this world. Like the connections to different locations felt too far away.
5) Didn't like some of the locations
6) Zwei got nerfed :(
7) Healing with stones. I dunno, not a fan
8) ADP
And that's pretty much it. For me, it feels like an upgraded version of Dark Souls 1. Just more of dark souls, with some different directions here and there but overall I feel like it's the same game. It's true that it didn't make me feel so in love as the first game, but still a great game.
Now quickly about other criticism that I heard about it:
1) Hitboxes/hurtboxes - yeah, on some of the enemies they are pretty junky, but honestly, I don't think it's a big deal
2) Deathzone movement - also not a big deal tbh. I didn't even notice that
3) Aimlock - yeah, this one is fucked up
4) Enemy placement - also I didn't feel too much of a difference with dark souls 1.
5) Boss runs - yeah, some of the are fucked, but with the help of despawning it's not that big(without it yeah some of them are fucked up)
6) ADP and iframes - yeah it sucked
7) Bad bosses - nah I don't think so. I liked pretty much the majority of them.
And I think there are all major criticisms. I think all of them are fair, but also I think it's not a big deal.
Great game, great dark souls game, I liked it.

Finished this in coop and that was super fun
I usually don't enjoy puzzle games, but this one was a blast. Really interesting puzzles and they fit the theme, cuz duh, you go to the escape room academy
It even has a story with characters, twists and so on.
There is a huge issue, however - the controls. Holy shit they are awful. I tried many settings but nothing fits me, such a butter-ishy controls holy damn
Don't know what much to say about it. Really fun, gonna play the dlc. Single-player is probably not that fun but coop is great

the game has a very interesting concept
Playing as a serial killer who dressed up as Santa? Hell yeah
The atmosphere is well-made, the ps1 graphics gives a wonderful vibe and there are a lot of setting to play with.
The killings feel good but soon enough you realize that it's a game about performance. Each level is a small house where you have to kill everybody until they run away(if they see you). Once they see you, they run towards the door, and if they escape -> game over. It makes sense thematically but my god it becomes very difficult very fast.
I'm fine with learning and repeating the levels to optimize my strategy, but this is just not my thing.
Do I recommend it? Absolutely, very unique game. Just be aware that if you didn't like games like hotline, then it might be not for you

This review contains spoilers

yet another banger from Ironhide studio
It's surprising how the quality is still great after 3 games. New towers, new heroes, new mechanics, new enemies
In comparasing with frontiers:
1) Towers are more interesting overall. There are issues with resistance balance which makes some of the towers kinda useless, but overall the towers are pretty fun and the abilities are mostly okay(fuck druids tho).
Barrackas are insanely cool tho. Assassins were cool, but damn, these ones are flashy and fun
2) Heroes are also more balanced and better. With the introduction of the hero ultimate now you have even more options on how to handle the situation. Also, the heroes are more or less balanced, I felt like I could pick different heroes and still win without a problem
3) New enemies mechanics are pretty fun. It's awesome that they keep making new mechanics that fit the game
4) New stages and overall aesthics are pretty cool. Quite a shift but feels more "fantasy-ish"
Now the bads:
Magic resistance is insane here. It's just more beneficial to spam Aracne Archers on every stage, cuz you can penetrate physical armor quite well, but not the magic. That kinda makes magic towers obsolete, especially on some of the levels. Also, artillery sucks in this game so there are even more reasons to spam archers.
overall game is incredible. I love kingdom rush, every one of them deserves love

I think I will be replaying this game until I die
It's just such a perfect game to replay. It's not long, it's very high on Adeline, its mission structured and it's about jetssss.
When I have 20 mins to spare Ik what I can play and enjoy

ngl I was kinda hyped for this game when it was released and i didn't understand why it was rated so low..
Parkour and fighting big ass bosses? Hell yeah!
But yeah, it's kinda meh. Fighting big bosses can be fun, but you have fight smaller ones first and then save citizens by holding a button... Idk man, I would like this game to focus more on the big bosses and get rid of the small ones entirely, and make boss battles more interesting
Also just noticed that the visuals are the most generic "stylized" graphics. I mean they look good, but they have been overused quite a lot now

okay as always my background:
1. I like previous games(2nd game was amazing)
2. I really liked the first book
This game is both amazing and kinda meh. Speaking of visuals, art direction - wow. This shit is beautiful, technically is so god damn nice looking, and art style oh man the art style........... This Post-soviet atmosphere is amazing, so many details, such as a love letter from the devs.
And ofc the train. Avrora is amazing, again, the models and art is pure joy. Might be my fav train in video games. You can explore it and talk to ppl, smoke at the nose, and the train is the main vehicle in the game and the story. I love trains.
Also, the story is good. But there is one thing that ruined it for me.
Now the bads:
1. Artem is silent. Yeah, I get that it was like that from the first game, but god damn, it just ruins it for me. The story is centered a lot on him, and he is the one that takes decisions and everything, not the player. And it's very obvious that he is an established character so..... So it's just painful to watch how the devs avoid writing normal dialogues where Artem is supposed to answer.
2. Grind & crafting. I played this game on hard and I got so fucking tired of pickup every trash that I see. I deadass was playing this game like 60% of the timer watching at the floor, cuz you need these resources to craft everything. I'm so done with the crafting mechanics like this one.
3. English VO - bruh, don't know how I got the English version but damn that was bad
4. World kinda became too crazy and open. I couldn't get rid of the feeling that I was playing some Fallout sometimes. It kinda got too crazy and unrealistic. Not to say that in books/first games, there weren't crazy factions/groups and everything, but this feels just too much. Fucking Caspian, idk man. Thankfully it ain't that bad, and the end is especially nice and reminded me of a lot of the first games.
Overall good game, but 2 things ruined it for me: Silent Artem and fucking crafting. Probably had to play on normal or easy, to avoid resource management

pretty good indie game
my background:
1. Love PSX graphics
2. Hate walking sims
3. I like small indie games
So I saw this game on steam and imediatly bought it cuz it reminded me of NakeyJakey imaging a game about dog sledding. And cuz it looked fucking good
So, the goods:
1) graphics and artstyle - amazing, one of the best psx inspired games out there. Really love how it looks
2) Sledding gameplay - deadass reminded me of Death Stranding. Not a lot of mechanics here, but once again, it's you versus the terrain and it's fun, especially on the dear chasing level
3) Sound and music - cool and atmospheric
The bads:
1) Story - sorry but im too dumb for this type of storytelling.
2) By the end of it there is a lot of walking and not a lot of dog sledding :(
Overall it's a unique experience and very good-looking with some interesting gameplay that can be explored more

I tried this game a couple of years back and didn't really like it.
I gave it another chance tho
So my background:
1. Liked the first two games for the gameplay
2. Didn't like the story and characters in them
3. Not really a fan of stealth
So how's the game? Pretty fucking good.
1. the gameplay - is amazing. The shooting is one of the best 3rd person shooters from any modern games. Lara is snappy, the weapons feel and sound good and impactful. You have weapon progressions, skills(they don't really matter tho), tons of ammo that you can build on the fly, some meds that you can craft on the fly, rolls, melee, and stuff like that. It just works perfectly, it's really satisfying to just play the game
Also there is stealth, and it's pretty good, even I enjoyed it. Nothing too crazy, but because the shooting part is so good, it's not a problem to fail stealth and just blast your way through.
The climbing tho is pretty bad as always. It def got better with much more complex systems, but it still has no challenge and you die only cuz bs, not cuz it requires some skill or anything. I just hate the modern climbing system in modern AAA. But I guess here it has the most amount of purposes and overall fits the game.
The puzzles and tombs are there, but tbh I never understood why it was such a big deal. They are fine, climbing and moving stuff around, nothing crazy. Visually looks good tho
2. Graphics and ART - the game looks amazing. Technically shit is insane. It looks very fucking good, the landscapes, Lara, the details, DAMN
3. Setting - that was the reason why I stopped playing the game the first time. I don't care about Maya/Aztec/whatever in video games/movies. Never was interested in that and it's always boring and the same shit.
Also, I hate jungles in video games
So in comparison with the second game huge letdown.
4. Story - it was actually the best story in the trilogy but soly based on the characters. If we take out Lara and Jhona, the story is just not for me. I couldn't care less about all this fighting between these clans, or whatever, and then the mythical part and the main villain, eh....
5. Characters - finally some character development. Lara just became a total fucking badass.
First it creates some really interesting drama between Lara being obsessed with finding artifacts and just going crazy about it, and Jhona trying to save and help people and being mad at Lara for becoming an insane person who doesn't give a damn about other people.
Sadly it doesn't go anywhere. And it really sucks cuz It was such an interesting idea for her to become somewhat of a villain. I was hoping for some TLOU2 type of shit, but instead, after it turns into standard no character development during the clan battle story.
Thankfully Lara also gets some moments of being a badass when she is on the edge, just killing left and right guerilla style, covering herself with mud, and going alone with her night. DAMN. Again, some Ellie moments
Overall super fun game. I loved the trilogy overall. The story is shit in every game, in this one tho, Lara is really good as a character. The gameplay is amazing in all entries. Wanna see more but with better story and less fucking jungles

good shit
coming from Yakuza 0
So yeah, aint as good as the 0 one, but kinda can't figure out why exactly.
The vibes of kabukicho is here
Stupid side stories are here
Fun combat is here
Kiryu is amazing
Majima is everywhere and it's kinda funny, I enjoyed it
I think it was the story. The main plot is just a little bit unfocused and not as intriguing as in 0. Especially if you didn't play 0 before it, cuz Nishki is just not explored here at all. No reason to care about him if you didn't play 0 tbh, I'm surprised how it happened
So the story goes unfocused during the middle part of the game(we save some ppl that are not really important, going to places that don't really matter), and then in the last couple of missions we have too many events happening and some stories are just finished so rushed(Nishki tbh)
Overall still fun. Im not the biggest Yakuza fan, but I enjoyed this game. I'm glad that I introduce myself to this franchise and will continue playing em

it's a very fun and promising game
Roll around and shoot people
Do tricks to restore your ammo
And the gameplay is great in this regard. Also, the graphics are cool af
Just not my cup of tea, but I respect the game

oh man that's one of these low and hate videogames
first of all, before we start with everything, some of my background:
1 - never played a Kojima game before
2 - my expectations were pretty low, I was thinking it's gonna be 90% of cutscenes and 10% of sloppy gameplay
3 - Im quite dumb so I don't catch a lot of metaphors/symbolism and whatever
4 - I cannot stand non-gameplay games and long cutscenes
1. Travesal gameplay - god damn, it reminds me of ps2 era of games where there was a lot of experimentation in terms of gameplay. It just feels so new and unique. Where there is no enemy, but yet ya gotta overcome different terrains with different tools that you have. But you also gotta find the right balance between how many tools you wanna bring, cuz the more stuff that you carry, the harder and slower it will be to move around. Every path that you take becomes somewhat a continuous little challenge: how do I climb this rock? maybe I can risk it and try to jump over the river? I don't have a lot of ladders left so I'm gonna brute-force this area, etc...
The walking just feels like a game inside of a game, it's a perfect balance between relaxing moments where you can observe the world around you but also it has challenges. I'm deadass in love with this
2. Multiplayer - This is just genius. I know that this async. the multiplier has been around for ages but here it's the best implementation of it imo. You can see and interact with other's people structures that help you to get to your point(bridges, charger points, roads, etc..). But it has some whatever logic behind it, so you see only a certain amount of structures and your map won't be all in dick shapes of whatever structures. It blends nice with the environment and it's always fun to find some ladder in some god-knows-where area
3. Likes - and why would you build structures? Well first of all for yourself, but also cuz other players can use them. And if they do, you get a like. Additionally, they(and you as well) can give more likes to a structure.
At first, I didn't fuckign care about them, but then... Once I started receiving more likes from a random ladder that I placed, oh boi. I built so many zip lines in the mountain area. It's not a currency, it's just likes, and it fucking works.
4. Graphics & environments - the game is just beautiful. Landscapes - damn, artstyle - damn, music moments - damn, performance - damn. One of the pretties game in the realistic art style that I've ever played
5. Actors are amazing
6. Boss fights LOOK very cool
The hates:
1. Sam - Fucking Sam. Probably one of the most unlikable main characters that I played. He is just so shallow, inconsistent, and boring. He doesn't give a shit about anything, yet he is doing all the work and just going along no matter what anybody asks him to do.
He doesn't say shit, but sometimes he says some random ass shit that leaves you with "wtf was that". And then everybody is "Oh Sam, you have connected us all look at everybody who ya meet along the way". Bitch, Sam either says that he doesn't give a shit or just grumps, and yet everybody is acting like he is a fucking Twilight Sparkle.
Says fuck you, then does everything he can to do the thing that he was asked to, then says fuck you again, then goes "no we gotta save her/him" and then says fuck uall again, bruh I dunno, maybe it's just me but holy shit I didn't get his character at all. Tf were his motives, I can't really predict anything that he will do
2. Other characters - much better than Sam, but they also suffer because of him. They are pretty okay by their own, but my god, when they are speaking to Sam it's just monologue after monologue of some expositions about their past. Just a social fucking butterfly right away
Some of them are trash tho(mama, lochne, die hardman), some of them are alright, but I didn't particularly like any of them.
Also, they all have weird nicknames(you have probably heard about Fragile) and everyone, EVERYONE explains their name (mama, diehardman, deadman, heartman, etc...). It's cringy but a good way somehow
3. Shooting - my god it's fucking terrible. I got sad so they added combat to this game. It just sucks as a shooting game and it sucks especially cuz to make the game harder, they just add enemies, more health to them and etc... instead of continuing to add terrain with more mechanics.
And the worst part is that it's forced. You cannot skip it. Sometimes, in the open world, you can just avoid enemies by taking a longer route. OK. But there are boss fights and special missions where you are forced to do it. And they suck so much, holy fuck. I gave up on the last mission and lowered the difficulty, cuz holy fuck it sucks a million dicks. Fuck this shit
4. Too many cutscenes in the end. I'm sorry, but the ending chapters are just 5 hours of cutscenes or what not
5. Too much fucking exposition. You take a step - SAM! EXPOSITION
You can craft a new object - SAM! EXPOSITION
You deliver a package - SAM! EXPOSITION
This game has so much radio/hologram exposition, sometimes it's insane. Everything is explained yet the world doesn't really feel real(I didn't read any of the emails or interviewrs, but fuck them, it shouldn't be explained there). Why is the people delivering the packages? Why with such a technology everywhere they even need to deliver packages? Why everyone is so separated? How do they live?
Dunno, but here is some exposition about the connection to "Beaches"
Overall, I'm really glad that I played this game. I didn't expect to play it, but it's good that I finally played a Kojima game. While the gameplay(expect shooting) is amazing and unique, the characters are pretty OK and cringy... But I actually liked the cringy part of them
The story by itself is pretty interesting, pacing is a lil off, but it's okay
Cool game, unique af, waiting for the second one

I'm still mad about everything related to this game
It killed the original battlerite which was on its pick

The game by itself is fine, but the history doesn't forget, and neither do i

it's like Og KR but on drugs:
1) some towers are insane
Building 3-4 necrs and you deadass have got an army.
Archers just melting enemies
Assassins could insta kill crabs
2) heroes now are more interesting. Instead of leveling them up in every level, they now have a global lvl and more abilities.
3) More interesting and fucking annoying enemies. fuck you crabs and nagas
Overall great game, a great successor of KR. now it's time for origins