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i beat this fully in 2 days 7 hours on my first day and 9 on my second day and i did promise ending and artifact and im just sitting here basking in it

kino fuck james xbox rpgsite, nut besides that this games gameplay is just awesome new orders and having to upgrade orders is new and fresh while making gameplay better and makes boss fights more fun especially now that they got the balance back to a okay position compared to cs1 and 2 and even if i beat the true final boss in three s crafts it never felt like a damage race which was really nice, also getting more zemurian ore final weapons without having to get every single book or whatever is nice and just let me build laura rean and crow into gods of destruction. the new trades for accessories also really made me want to build fie to be 100% evasion so i did and gave her sirius and gungnir rage and it ripped and i could build her speedy to counteract the minotaurus delay debuff everyone else had so she could use items and heal and buff while all her damage came from counterattacks which i got like 43k highest i think but i went all out in evasion and refused to do 50% with insight because it would make building her speedy and have her being support be a nightmare. also the progression in terms of quartz being slowed compared to cs3 to span more of the game was cool and it meant there was more time spent getting stronger and getting bigger numbers which is a key part of the gameplay loop but it also meant my brainworms forced me to fish for quicksilver carp for like 5 hours to more or less complete my build minus like odin, carnelia and mars gems or lost arts. also the story is really cool and the scene where they free rean or the arianrhod rivalry or just most of the final dungeon stuff is just really cool and it introduced really cool things to keep me thinking that they will have to touch on in future stories like the they cant leave the continent theyll just get turned around or whatever happened with mcburn. also giliaths final design is so cool and the final battle being father verse son and indifferent cruelty of the universe versus indomitable human spirit true final boss is awesome you can never go wrong with that. all in all every final game in a specific series i.e. crossbell, liberl, or erebonia is always the best in that series without a doubt and im so fucking excited for hajimari

this has me so interested in cs4 i dont want to write a proper review for it and just wanna go into cs4 and fuck james theres no way that game is as bad as he says