I love obscure and bad games. PS1 was peak graphics tbh. Flik from A Bug's Life is a good man.

I'm gonna try to review a new game here most days for a little while!!

Currently on a major 3DS kick :-)

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the junction system is good
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There are quite a lot of Crazy Frog Racer versions and ports, because of course a Crazy Frog game needed to exist, and of course it needed to be a kart racer. This was always destined to happen.

This version is one of the more interesting ones, not least because it's the CHRISTMAS EDITION, but features seemingly nothing Christmas-related except for Mr Frog wearing a Santa hat on the opening screen, but also because: this is a phone game. And the phone (pre-smartphone era) is what made Crazy Frog who he is. It's where he belongs, you might say. And the thing is, it seems less dull than its Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS counterparts in some key ways.

The major difference is that in this game, Crazy Frog (or whoever you choose to play as) has a health bar. The race transcends the simple "driving a vehicle" concept, and enters the world of mad combat with the world around you. The catch, though, is that Crazy Frog goes too fast. In the other Crazy Frog Racers, the driving is leisurely and often gets boring, but in this one, you speed along far too quickly to really see the pick-ups or obstacles before you zoom into them. This, unfortunately, tends to result in rapid death.

The game also has a mode that gives you a progression tree. Since the same basic problem applies here, I haven't yet managed to progress any further than the second level. One day I hope to succeed. But for now, Crazy Frog is dead, and he died doing what he loved: speeding.

I have guessed correctly. I am the smartest video gamer in this world. My mind is thick and beautiful, and it will grow ever more powerful with knowledge.

This is a fun way to look upon the vast history and rapid growth of "the video game" into the big nasty beast we know and love today. Thanks video games. I love you.

A very short game (at least, potentially - I beat it in about an hour, but of course that's just to see ONE of the endings), but an exhilarating one. At first I got pinned between two monsters and mercilessly killed, and I thought, hmm... what's up with that? But after getting familiar with the game for a second, I was beyond hooked.

Because your pickups are randomised, you never know quite whether you'll be mauled to death immediately, or speed through the level with an expertly swift key grab like some kind of gaming genius. And therein lies the addictive anticipation. If I play enough, I know I will be getting my slam dunk soon. And when it comes, it feels so good.

I also just, of course, am a sucker for a spooky type game in the beautiful macabre Virtual Boy palette of deep, dark reds. It's a console so ready-made for horror that this game is a real thrill on that basis alone.

It's a simple game, but one crafted to perfection. I love the password screen, the biblical undertones fed through the level passwords themselves, the freakish, scratchy monsters, and that great sense of confusion that comes from traversing each maze-like level in a desperate, hurried search for orbs and keys.

When I first saw the level tree after finding the first level's door, it was such a great moment of revelation. Oh my god, I thought, look at all these levels... look at all these endings!

I'll be playing through this one again. Let me in that nasty yakata †.


editor's note: yakata means mansion