chunithm at home /hj
characters are really good. i will defend shiho with my life.

SNACKS!!!! these bitches use to be bussin! They use to think i was plain hide n seek but i was really in the bushes eatin dese mfs

snake is a game of reflex, and the fact that the input delay makes the game almost unplayable (for most people) perfectly encapsulates the failure or stadia. lmfao.

she wasn't lying, that Ace Attorney can Great

this game's BITCHIN'. a celebration of all things cool, and it rules.

it's more mystery dungeon. i like it. story's a little shallow, but it has it's moments.

cute remake and i'm glad to have finally played Rescue Team but it still feels a little klunky like in Super Mystery Dungeon what the heck guys

when this game first came out, it was such a departure from the standard of the other games that it really turned me off. i really need to give it another shot. also it feels ever so slightly slower which wasn't an issue in Gates, dunno what that's about.

i enjoyed this so much more than i thought i would. shoutouts to the Gekichumai composers they got for the cyber space stages, shame they control like trash. also big the cat share your lofi playlist.

you ever think about how fucked up it is that nintendo invented osu?

i wish there were more visual novels with this big of a budget, this is charming as hell. i now know how to properly recycle.