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i played this game, thought it was whatever. agreed with the very obvious anti-gatekeeping/pro-informed consent message. i would, since informed consent saved me a lot of time when i was getting started.
then i went to the steam page and saw it had "mixed" reviews. tons and tons of thumbs-down reviews claiming the game is transphobic. so now i'm all riled up and i feel like i need to rate this 5 stars, shout from the rooftops how good it is!
but it's not, lol. it's 5 minutes long, clumsy in its delivery. i wouldn't recommend this to anyone who doesn't already like taylor mccue's other games. but i don't want to rate it negatively, i'm too protective of it now, so it gets 3 stars here and a positive steam review

this one's for the sickos. it's slop for girls. the somniel stuff is annoying (i was never fatigued by three houses' hub, idk why) and everything in general is stupid, but even a shoddy localization can't ruin how delightfully dumb the whole thing is. the combat is also the best in the series, as far as i'm concerned. but i'm not concerned about the combat at all. i'm here for the 2-dimensional characters and making my chess pieces kiss, and i'm pretty decently satisfied on that front

i don't know about this one. it feels like such a slog to play, the performances are largely atrocious, the jokes are 90% whiffs, and it just isn't working for me at all.