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September 14, 2023

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August 9, 2023

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September 2023



This was it. I uninstalled today. It's so fucking tilting. It's infuriating to be playing as a class and just never being able to get kills no matter what. I played as ranger just trying to get level ups by killing ADs and if I lose to an enemy, whatever no biggie. They're probably higher level and better geared than me. But it's beyond frustrating when people I go against are just geared up to the gills. Blue rarity everything, they got 2 rings an amulet and a cape, and they're going into fucking default level caves. I don't want to play against sad players who just want to pub stomp to get their rocks off. And when I die to someone else who's also in default gear like me, my two arrows and 2 dagger stabs do barely 60% of their health. What finally pushed me over the edge was someone from across the map managed to land their 3 arrow volley, every arrow on me despite the lag/desynch, and it killed me from full health. I miss half my arrows because of delay and still barely do more than half health but someone else lands all 3 shots and from full court and it takes away my full health bar? Nahhhh fuck this game. The numbers and systems in this game makes no sense and I'm done.

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Man I get such mixed experiences with this game. The first 30 minutes of this game was absolutely abysmal. Just couldn't win a single interaction. The following hour+ was just fun all around. Didn't win every time but had positivei experiences with some solid extracts, fun interactions with other players, finding some lucky loot, and so on. I guess maybe that's just how extraction games are? This feels toxic and like I should walk away but I don't want to lol.

1h 52m



Played some games before bed. Holy cow games were so much better. Actually got some extracts and some decent loot. Finally have some money to spend but I think I'm gonna play some more matches as combat Warlock until I'm level 15 then try actually doing stuff with magic and magical healing.

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Matches were fine at first but holy cow were they dog shit at the end. Honestly tilting. Granted it was a lot better than it could have been since I was playing Warlock but as the combat class since It's a lot quicker to kill ADs so even though I was getting my shit pushed in and unable to extract, I was leveling up which was nice. Hopefully I can actually leave with some loot so I have money to buy some stuff with magical healing to make Warlock and actual usable class.

1h 12m

August 2023



I just... feel like I'm chasing the dragon man. The game can be fun but oh my GOD perk based games truly are awful sometimes. It really sucks to have to grind level ups while going against people who have all the perks available so even if they have default gear just like you do, they're at an inherent advantage. When the game is fun it's FUN but that slow SLOW push where you have to just get your dick kicked in while you try to level up so you can actually try just feels like shit man.

4h 24m



Game felt significantly better today. Although holy shit cleric healing a full armor warrior is the dumbest shit ever

1h 42m



Just played long enough to cross over from level 9 to 10 so I could trade with Grimmy for the sick bow he got lol

0h 13m



Rough night. This game is just damn hard and I'm still against the idea of perk based games. Sucks to be level 9 and still only using half of what I'll be able to use. Being at a huge disadvantage like that is awful man.

2h 43m



I played two play tests and loved this game. This game just shadow dropped and was very excited to play. I enjoyed my time but holy cow it feels like they made the game so much harder. More enemies spawn in each room, they lowered the damage for everyone so it takes longer to kill mobs so it's easier to get overwhelmed. They made the game even DARKER so it's harder to see things, there's more traps on the floor, they added more skeleton variants with a lot more range and damage that's harder to dodge, the game just feels SO much harder than last play test and it's started to creep into frustrating territory instead of just hard. I don't know, we'll see as time goes on but it's a bit rough right now.

3h 36m