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I went into this completely blind not even knowing this mod existed until a friend of mine basically forced me to play it, and I wanna apologize for all the mean things I said to them because my god this is probably one of the best Doom mods I’ve ever play.
The places this Mod takes you is just otherworldly and something I wish more pieces of media would try doing. I just recently played through the game Garten of Banban 3 and that game tries really hard to tap into the psychological horror of liminal spaces; but fails miserably since the devs are hacks and refuse to actually try with interesting level design. In compersion with this mod, made for a game that can run on a fucking pregnancy tester; has some of the most outstanding usage of liminal spaces since seen since the backrooms first came out. (before it was overrun with children and stupid lore) The way this mod just takes Dooms engine and just completely revamps it to do this the base game could ever achieve is so stupidly impressive I’m just blown away whenever I even think of the mod or the levels that take place in it. I don’t really wanna say anything about the mod since I feel like going in blind and unaware of the events in the game is the best way to play it, this is more or just me gushing about how much I’m blown away by the amount of work and passion is just seeping out of this mod. Like you really didn’t need to be cooking this hard for a Doom mod but they did and I respect the hell out of them.
Go play it or else I’ll break into your house and replace all the coke you have with Pepsi (unless you already have Pepsi, in which case I’ll just take a dump in your bathroom and not flush)

Genuinely unplayable currently on the Xbox Series X. Put in almost 10 hour, but am going to give up and start a new playthrough in a few months when they patched this shit into a playable state.
Leaving this review because this shit shouldn't be normalized. Its not ok, no other product in the world except videogames can break false advertisement laws so clearly but receive 0 consequences.
None of the trailers featured an average of about 20FPS in larger areas. Or FPS drops every 5 fucking seconds, when it does manage to go above that. Or the game looking PS3 Level ugly in Performance mode, while still having the aforementioned FPS drops every few seconds. So why tf are we not entitled to full refunds, when the actual product does feature these issues?

You'll never play a game like this ever again


I’m the biggest Kirby game hater but this game made me a believer in the church

Can't believe Elden Ring ripped off Kirby.

I waited long enough to replay this that I forgot how long the Freezeman scenario goes on for. Still a great time, but I could see that causing new players to drop this. This is pretty much an improvement in all ways over the first game. This run especially made me yearn for more license tests, and I'm pretty sad the other games dropped it. It's a good postgame, but it goes down a lot if you want the final star with the awful grind for the PVP chips.
It's hard to not love this game though, when it brought us this

being able to retry immediately after a death is so incredibly important for this game to feel as good as it does. this encourages you to let loose and have fun and experiment which is just great. everything comes together perfectly with the visuals and the music and the heart-pumping gameplay of committing horrific massacres as fast as possible. i do hate the doors in this game

game gives more adrenaline than any drug i dont know how this is legal

A great GB title. A Metroidvania that isn't too confusing but still is fun to explore and find new areas. Good graphics, music and controls. Overall this game is radical.