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Resident Evil 4
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Mar 31

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Do you wish to change it, the future?
I've been playing this series for a long time now and im realizing I lived through a journey, which is finally coming to a close. I entered this game expecting some loose ends to be tied up, and some fun with previous characters, but I got so much more.
Quality of life improvements keep coming in this series, and the map might be the most intuitive yet, while incorporating familiar locations. The game isn't too heavy on fanservice, but has a few really nice nods and reminders.
I was smiling ear to ear at some moments, and my jaw dropped at others. Watching a chapter start with a residential neighborhood was one thing, but to namedrop a xenosaga character shortly after is insane! Other moments like the Zanza theme's motifs playing in the final boss were great.
I am still a bit confused on where the other xenoblade characters are during the events of this, but I'm sure I just missed a plot point somewhere.
I'm gonna miss Shulk and Rex, but maybe we'll see them again someday.
Thank you, Xenoblade.

In times of uncertainty... the world brought us...
A sonic visual novel.
If you like family guy, super monkey ball, and gamer hats, you'll love this one.