This review contains spoilers

I physically cringed at the ending. the most unsuspecting, innocent, cute, timid, shy childhood friend being the mastermind!! who would've thought.
It was 4/5 before the ending.

This is a disgrace to walking simulators. Only plus is aesthetics.
Story seemed interesting but flop hard midway onwards. walking is abysmally slow. map is a pain to handle.
The map designer was probably on some cheap acid. You can literally not walk over 1 foot stone cause oh they wanted area walled off. At least make it more believable. I can't be the only person scratching my head over why can't I go past, just cause my path is blocked by few rugs and straws.

I hear a lot of praise regarding this. People said it was a masterpiece. Dunno why anyone would call this clunky, slow, boring and piece of middle schooler writing riddled with fetch quests, one.
If you really want a masterpiece, go look at Outer Wilds or Disco Elysium.

Decent story, great art design and good scaling of puzzles. Overall, pretty short (5h~ if you're decent or 8-10h if you are a begineer in puzzle genre like me) but enjoyable, nonetheless.

pretty enjoyable but hackers take that out too.

played it years ago, got stuck at start with the huge monster. don't have time to redo now so i'll stick with shat rating.


Kind of just start but it is pretty decent. Looks really aesthetic, vibrant and pleasing. Controls are somewhat not optimal, can get confusing at start too.
Overall pretty avg 2.5 game plus 1 just for the beauty.

Kinda boring to actually play. Watching yt vids about it was more interesting

Kinda boring to actually play. Watching yt vids about it was more interesting

played it first a decade after release. one of those rare few hyped games that actually deliver