I like video games. I play a lot of them. Fancy that.
I'm an old-fashioned dork that enjoys 2D action games more than one would consider healthy.
Grew up playing bargain bin used copies and bootleg multicarts, so I have a gigantic soft spot for games that others (like you, probably) often turn their nose up at. Expect plenty of glowing reviews from me; I'm here for a good time, not to be a critic.
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Streets of Rage 2
Streets of Rage 2
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Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
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Sonic the Hedgehog 3
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Mega Man Zero 4
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Sep 22

Zone of the Enders
Zone of the Enders

Sep 18

Void Stranger
Void Stranger

Sep 03

Gravity Circuit
Gravity Circuit

Aug 15

Blast Wind
Blast Wind

May 18

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This game made me feel like a fucking dumbass.
That's how you know it's a good puzzle game.

@CretinWorkshop pointed out that I commented on the wrong game like a Fool
Five stars for the soundtrack and the hilarious boxart