Сюжет - топ, боевка на уровне первой, но все равно игра довольно скудная по сравнению с оригиналом, здесь та же самая графика и по сути игра ничего не привнесла нового кроме персонажей. Очень спорная игра, но куда лучше 3-ей провальной части как по мне.

Какая-то хрень если честно, посмотрев пару видосов на ютубе могу смело сказать что игра отвратная, лучше пройти всю серию аркхэм (которая тоже не без минусов).
Смотрел пару видео-прохождений этой игры и обзор от стинта, в топку такое еще и без русского...

In general about the game.
The plot is simple, the characters are quite interesting and everyone has different abilities. For example, someone is a great leader, a gardener, a jock, or even an architect, or maybe even someone is an inventor.
You can interview the Characters and it's interesting, you can learn something new about them.
The gameplay of the game is unusual, you need to catch bugs. But it is necessary to catch them in various ways. Many of them are burning with fire and you just can't touch them, flying beetles need to be caught in a variety of ways. Each bug is unusual.
In general, the game is not bad, yes. At least it will brighten up a couple of your evenings, but get ready for the fact that you may have a hard from this game, because sometimes it is quite difficult.

This is one of those indie games that I've been waiting for since the demo version was released. And so, the release took place quite recently, I passed the game and was very happy, but there are disadvantages (
The game provides an unusual gameplay that is based on puzzles and honestly they are quite easy, stupid only over the last levels. It's short and I passed it in an hour and a half, that's what really upset me. I would like more, but I understand that even at this scale the game was difficult to make. Draw everything, all animations.
In general, about the game itself, you have to make fairy-tale stories, someone has to poison the king, kill the duke or cheat on his wife. It was quite interesting to make up all these stories, but it seemed to me that the most interesting thing was with the werewolf and the Duke and Duchess. The vampire stories weren't bad either.
In general, I am glad and enjoyed it for an hour and a half, the expectations were met, so to speak, but again a huge minus that it is short and in the end they have already completely bent that it is necessary to kill the father of her child who is his brother. Rough.

Genre: Indie, Fighting game, 2D fighting
game Cost: $19.99
Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch
Online/co-op support: present
Development Stage: Early Access
I played a new 2d fighting game with an idea that is taken from the multi versus, brawlhalla and Smash bros. This is a good game and it has a lot to strive for, I think it will be good for playing with friends.
But what do we have now, in early access?
So far, the game is raw, but for this and early access. The game has several maps and playable characters. I want to highlight the presence of a workshop on Steam, where people have already created different characters and you can play with them. In general, so far there is nothing special in the game, you can also go to play brawlhalla or multiverse
5 octodad out of 10.

скучно, однообразно.