A diamond in rough... Filled with bugs that make you wish for a nuclear winter.

-The gameplay... Technically it's a first person shooter (which is how I played it) but you can also play it in third person. The first person mechanisms (moving, shooting, etc) are like you would imagine, but to go into more detail... The first problem to come in mind is that you can't run in the game; best you can do is to holster your weapon so that he walks a bit faster. Just to make it clear, running is the default version of the movement, if you hold shift, the courier will crawl like a snail.
The gunplay is good; it can be extremely fun depending on your weapon of choice. But what makes it memorable, is the VATS. VATS basically allows you to stop time and aim for a body part and take your chance on shooting directly at it. And the cherry on top is the cinematics after you kill an enemy. Which other than being cool, it also lets you know that you have killed all the enemies nearby.
Nothing special to mention about the mini games (lockpicking, hacking) and the dialogue system choice.

- The story is one of the selling points of the game. It doesn't get to the point right away, first it let's you know what you are actually dealing with, and then tells you the main goal of it. First you wake up from the dead, after being shot by Chandler Bing in checkered suit. You are rescued by a robot and wake up in Goodsprings. You learn how each thing works, help others, and get help from them; Goodspings is your learning ground. You leave the town to find Chandler and take revenge, but instead you will have to deal with different factions of the game. Until eventually you will have to decide, who should rule the Mojave wasteland?
Other than the main story of the game, side quests and the backstories are also very entertaining. Each vault, each companion, each faction you find has sad backstory to check.

-There are so many fucking side quests, and that's a great thing. It happens rarely that the side quests are so good that make you ignore the main quest line. Fallout new Vegas is filled with those. Even though many of them are fetch quests but there are always some that you won't forget after playing.
The great thing is that they blend into each other. Sometimes you might not even recognize a mission can be ignored and isn't part of a main quest. The side quests you do now will leave an important impact on the future of the main quest line.

-The character design is great, but it can be confusing. You have SPECIALS, Perks, and skills. You choose your SPECIALS early in the game, and you can't change them unless you get a specific perk or pay for an implant. You can get skills and perks by leveling up. With each level, you an amount of skill points to add to your preferred set of skills. For the perks though, it takes two levels; and you can only choose one perk.

-Bugs. So many bugs. The game crashes when you are walking. Characters that should give you a quest don't show up. The game exits when you are loading. There is a loud annoying ticking sound in the music....

- As I said there is a ticking sound the music of the game, so I had to cut it off. As far as the voice acting goes though; it is pretty amazing. Characters are distinct, and deliver emotions perfectly.

-The visuals are pretty alright, if you can bare the piss filter. Nothing more to mention...

It has happened many times to me that I try to play a game many times but every time I get bored early in the game; eventually I pass that first stage and finish the game, just to realize how amazing that game is. Fallout New Vegas is one of those games, but I finally played it.
Yes it is full bugs. Yes it has many flaws.
It is not perfect; like most great things.

An underrated, 80s action inspired, side scroller, shoot 'em up.

-The visuals are beautiful. The heroes, the bosses, the enemies, all are beautifully designed; and have smooth animations. The backgrounds and the environments are very vibrant, and there is always something happening in the background (if you pay attention to it). Visually, my only problem is the in-game UI. The heroes icon and his life bar, etc, are so far at the corner of the monitor. It would be much better if it was a bit closer to the center.

-The story is a simple, corny, 80s action movie. You are a bounty hunter in a dystopian future and you have to help the cops and the government (obviously corrupt) to get rid of some gangs. And of course it has an unnecessarily negative ending. Nothing special to it; but I personally like these 80s action parodies, hopefully you're into it as well.

-The game is a side scrolling shoot 'em up, so the gameplay is the most important thing in it. You have your heroes main weapon and their melee weapon. But as you are playing you can pick up other stuff as your secondary gun or melee weapon. The gameplay is very good for the first half of the game, but it just gets progressively boring as you progress in the game.

-The level structure is very simple. You are to face 4 different gang, each stronger and armed with better weapons as the previous one. Each gang has a leader, and that leader has 4 right hands (this is the best way I can explain it, believe me). You will have to kill those 4, one by one and eventually finish the leader of that gang. For each of these bosses; there are some stages to clear first and then you reach the boss of that level. As I said the gangs and the bosses will get stronger and stronger; so don't be fooled by the first ones.

If you are into this genre, you should really give this game a shot. It might not be the best you will ever see; but it can give you a couple of hours of pure fun.

A whole game based on a mini game in another game. Gwent Pro Max

-The gameplay is either running around in the map or playing a match of Gwent. In the map(s), you have to go to a specific point to continue the story but you can wander around in there to find some resource or fight some monsters. And the fighting is just Gwent; sometimes you only need to win one set, sometimes you need to win two. There are also some puzzles in the game for when you encounter some monsters; there is even a match-three Gwent game. I gotta say, Gwent is a great mini game but it gets really boring when you have to play it constantly,

-The visuals are stunning. The environment is very much like a comic book; so is the design of the characters and cards. The only game I can think of with the same approach to art direction, is Hades. I prefer this one though...

-The Story is amazing; like every other Witcher game. You play as queen Meve who is one of the rulers in the north of the Continent. Nilfgaard is invading the north and you have to overcome the obstacles in your way to defend your realm. Your choices are very important in the story. You might find or lose a companion with every choice; although they won't effect the fact that you are going to defeat the Nilfgaardian empire.

-The music and voice acting is fantastic. The music is mostly Witcher 3's, recycled. And the voice acting, fantastic. Every line is delivered with the right amount of emotion; and the narrating method of telling the story makes it sound like an audio book.

-The level design is pretty alright. The paths are clear and obvious. You go down a path, which either leads to another path or leads to nowhere.

A decent spin off to a great franchise. Overall I think it's worth one playthrough, but I don't think I'll get back to it again. As eye catching the art design, and as intriguing the story, the gameplay just can't hold up.

Before playing it, I was wondering if it is going to live up to the hype... It fucking does.

-The gameplay is very simple. you basically use three other buttons other than WASD. Interact, shoot blue portal, and shoot orange portal. So there is not much so say about it. What makes it unforgettable is the level design and the physics of the game.

-The game is designed perfectly. Level design is one of those things that no one really pays attention to unless it is horrible; you get confused, can't seem to find the path, blah blah blah... But in this game everything is right in front of you. All you have to do is to learn from the early levels; and use what it teaches you, when it gets complicated. And the physics... Oh man... It's so satisfying when you throw an object on the firing bots to tip them over. Or when you make a loop with the portals to increase your speed.

-The Sound design and voice acting is fantastic. The sound design alongside the art design help a great deal to make the Aperture building creepy af. Ellen McLain also does a fantastic job at giving "life" to GLaDOS. At first it is empathetic and friendly and eventually it become genuinely scary.

-The story is very simple, but intriguing. You are a test subject, probably a former prisoner, and you are going through some test. Later you realize the friendly voice in the sky is a monster and you make it worse by destroying the part that gave it moral boundaries... Good Luck.

Portal is a great puzzle game, and in my opinion, a horror game. Although it is very short, it is an amazing breath of fresh air among these glamourous action games. Definitely give it a shot.

P.S. The portals reminded me of Prey 2006.

I'm going to be so fucking harsh on this game, and rightfully. The premise is fucking great; a spy action rpg by Obsidian. Except that the game was so bad it stopped Chris Avellone to take the role of lead designer anymore.

-Let's get it over with the visuals fast and talk about the main things. The visuals are alright, not groundbreaking, but very good for 2010. I specially loved the faces of the characters.

-The gameplay is either the best or the worst.
The stealth parts are AMAZING. It's very very simple, just sneak up to people and take them out, but they managed to do this perfectly. Except that the game doesn't seem to enjoy it very much, since it sometimes forces you to go loud.
And when you go loud... It is "meh" at best. The cover system is good but the gunplay; specially with rifles, is just bad.
And at some parts of the game, it offers you a sniper rifle. A sniper rifle with one the worst handlings you will ever see in you life.
And the bossfights... HOLY SHIT is it bad... Some of the most boring, bland, annoying bossfights I have ever experienced. They are mostly the same; run, shoot, dodge, blah blah blah... It is executed so horribly, you just play to get it over with. That doesn't go only for the bossfights, but also the whole second half of the game. I was just playing it to finish it and put it on the fucking shelf.
The minigames are also average. The lockpicking one is terrible though. Easily one of the worst lockpicking minigames I have ever played. The others are just fine; the hacking one was probably the best one of the bunch.

- The story seemed interesting at first, but it just gets boring no matter how hard they try to make it seem interesting. It might be due to how bad the dialogue system is designed.
You choose the dialogues based on fucking EMOTIONS. I was stunned at first to see that, but then I though "OK, maybe the lines my character says are going to be straight forward". But no, they aren't. You choose based on a single word, and you character talks a whole paragraph; some of which you probably didn't want to say.
And by the way, all the dialogue choices have a short timer because all the characters have to pee and can't wait for me to fucking read the four words I am offered.

- The level design is really good. You don't get lost in the game; and I specially love the fact that they didn't try to make it an open world game. You, for most of the game, have a safehouse in which you can choose your mission and do other things. That was pretty neat.

-I don't remember anything about the music, but the voice acting was very good. Again, I lost my interest in the story; but the actors did a pretty nice job in delivering it.

Overall , this game is a fucking disappointment. I am giving it a 6/10 mostly because I really enjoyed the stealth part; there is basically nothing more in this game to enjoy. And for the stealth part, you can just play Splinter Cell or something...

Put the goggles on, we are going to enter the time when Acitvision dropped perfect shooters one after another.

(Campaign Only)
-Gameplay is obviously the selling point. Playing it right now doesn't seem like a big deal; but it was. Compared the previous game of the series (windows), CoD4 has much smoother gameplay; but it doesn't have the great variety of weapons. There is no tank mission, but there is a mission where you have to shoot down the enemies in a C-130 aircraft.

-The level design is great but not perfect. Some parts like the bunkers are weird because you can go through both paths and get to the same place; but there are enemies in both of them and they will come after you if you the other way. Not a big deal when you play on easy mod; but otherwise you are going to die A LOT. The variety of environments is also good, but again not perfect. There are some missions in the middle east, some Azerbaijan, and some Russia. So overall your eyes aren't going to get tired from seeing the same place again and again.

-The Graphics are alright for 2007, but it wasn't ground breaking. Nevertheless, Captain Price smoking a cigar in the helicopter is, and forever will be one the coolest, most badass scenes in the history of video games.

-Unlike CoD2, this game actually has a story. Its not Shakespeare, but it's very engaging and keeps you interested in pushing forward. I want to say it's bit short, but maybe I played it very fast.

It might seem like I am criticizing this game a little too much; but when something is so good, seeing the bad parts won't be such hard job. I personally didn't enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed CoD2, but that doesn't lessen the respect I have for it.

Carnate Island lore > Lord of the Rings

-The gameplay is fucking amazing. It is the basic, early 00s TPF gameplay but it's enjoyable nevertheless. The guns and the melee weapons are well responsive and they are all pretty damn strong; so you wouldn't be in much trouble killing enemies. You can also play the game in first person but I didn't even try it. I'm sucker for this kind of third person shooters.

-The Story and the Carnate Island lore is possibly the best part of the game. You are a inmate who is to face execution for murdering you own sons and wife (even though you don't remember it); but as soon as you arrive at the prison, everything gets fucked up. In the game you face characters who need help which you can help or kill so they wouldn't be a problem. You can hear your inner voice telling you to kill them and your wife's voice that tells you to help them; the choice is yours. The whole island (prison is only a part of it), and the enemies have a back story as well. One thing I really loved was the fact that each enemy was based on a horrible way of dying; getting cut into pieces, being buried alive, etc.

-The level design is very good but some times it can be a little confusing specially in the buildings. The game doesn't exactly tell you what to do; you should guess it or find it out by paying attention to the dialogues. So as a result, sometimes you might find yourself walking through the halls and rooms hoping that you are where you should be.

-The Visuals are surprisingly good. Most of it is because of the design of the places and the enemies. They are all lore-connected, and it happens very rarely to find yourself in a place that doesn't feel new. From the technical perspective, it is just fine; It wouldn't stand out in the 2004 games because of the technical achievements.

-The Soundtracks... They are fine; nothing more to it. Although I had to remove some sound files to stop the game from constantly crashing, and because of that the second half of my playthrough had half-ass sounds.

-CRASHING... The game crashes SO FUCKING MUCH. The game crashes every 10-15 minutes until you remove some sound files; so you should get rid of some soundtracks for the game to run. But that doesn't last long either; the game might decide to crash on the loading screen of a specific chapter and you have to install a patch for that which might also fuck with your saves. This is seriously the biggest problem of the game; I might have given it a 4.5 if it wasn't because of these technical issues.

The Suffering is basically Max Payne + Silent Hill. It aimed for a bigger audience but it's not as good as it should be. I loved the game nevertheless; great story, great gameplay, great atmosphere... If only it wasn't for those DAMN BUGS.

-First of all I want to acknowledge how surprising it is to see that not so long ago EA had brilliant new ideas. This art style and gameplay aren't what big companies would invest on; definitely not Electronic Arts.

-The gameplay is the most important thing about this game; is it as good as it should be? NO. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing what great things they did using that old technology but there are some issues that simply stop the fun. First one is the running mechanisms that sometimes just don't work; doesn't matter how accurately you jump, sometimes Faith wants to commit suicide. The other one which is much more important, is the fighting and shooting sequences. I don't fucking understand why they felt the need to make a whole fucking chapter of melee fighting (The Boat). These sequences give you an adrenaline rush at first but then frustrate the fuck out of you. Even worse is that sometimes the game gives you no choice but to knock a guard out , pick his gun up, and shoot back. For a shooter game it can be pretty good but not for a running one.

- The art style and the dystopian atmosphere is almost perfect. It's unique, it's beautiful, and it makes sense considering the story. The reason I'm saying almost perfect is that it's SO MUCH WHITE. You can reduce the brightness but then you have to increase it when you go inside of some building because it's too dark; and with a lower than usual brightness setting, you are basically blind.

- I mentioned the story earlier, and that's almost all I can say about it. Not that the story is bad, I just didn't care much for it; since it's a running game and the story is the last thing important to me. Although I have to say, I really appreciate the fact that when you are being chassed or don't know where to go, there is always some one behind the microphone helping you.

I really was expecting to give it a better score but I just can't. As great as the game is there are so many things holding it back; hence turning it into a cult classic.

This game taught me English...

Not the biggest fan of point and click genre but overall I enjoyed Full Throttle. I played it with classic visuals but remastered audio, which I recommend.

-The visuals of the remastered version is ok but nothing special about it. I prefer the classic; maybe it's because I like pixelated arts or maybe I feel like it has a soul. Overall it depends on you and which you prefer to play with; both are well done.

-Audio and voice actings are amazing; although I chose the remastered version for this one. As I read, the classic version of the audio is really bad; but they did an amazing job in the remastered. The music is also really good, I only wish there was more of it in the game.

- Gameplay is your basic point-and-click; but sometimes the game tries other things, like when your are on the highway or the stadium mission. The stadium mission is actually the reason I stopped playing the game; I FUCKING HATED IT. Maybe it's because I am too dumb to understand what the fuck I should do, or maybe it's because it's really outdated; at this point my brain can hardly comprehend what is old and what is new.

-The story is alright; that's about it. It gets the job done and the biker theme is really interesting since there aren't many games about them. But you shouldn't expect anything mind blowing from it.

-One thing I loved about this game is that you can chose between the classic version and the remastered one. So you can basically play the original game on a new platform .As I said I chose classic visuals and remastered audio.

It's unbelievable what great things a small studio like Google can achieve when all the people put their minds into it.

- By taking a look at the screenshots of this game you can see why all the critics worship this art design. Something that can be so simple yet so stunning.

- But it's not only the visuals that will make you fall in love with this game. The programming and the level design is masterclass not only for independent developers but also for triple a studios. I truly believe that Sergey Brin and Larry Page deserve a lifetime achievement for programming and designing this masterpiece.

Chrome Dino is a must play for all the people. A game that can connect all the people in world not matter the gender, the race, the religion, or anything else.

Overall Mini Ninjas is a really fun and cute game, but there are some major flaws that stops it from being what it should be.

-Gameplay is simple and really fun specially the special attacks. But there is a problem, there are too many things. Too many magics and too many characters, some of which I never even used/played as. The main character is so buffed you wouldn't need to play as any other except maybe the big one and the archer one. It would have been much better if the magics were spread evenly.

-Graphics are great. It is designed to be cute and cartoonish so it stands up fantastically. But again, there is a big problem. The snowy missions are HORRIBLE, and they are a big part of the game (about one third of it). You can't see anything, everything is SO white it hurts your eyes.

-The story is a simple "Evil Warlord and The Chosen One" story. I only have one question about it, why the fuck didn't the ninja master send the ninjas as a team and instead sent them one by one to get lost. Sound design and voice acting is great btw.

-Level design is mostly good, but sometimes it's confusing specially the snowy missions (because everything looks the same) and the paths that lead to the crow (the one who sells recipes).

Yet another classic shooter. In my opinion this one of the few times this franchise peaked.

(Campaign Only)

-The gameplay is fantastic, basically just CoD1 but they knew exactly what they wanted to improve, what to add, and what to remove. It is obvious there was a passionate team behind this game. Playing it right now might not seem such big deal; because these mechanics are now a norm and in some cases a must, but at the time of release many of them were brand new, or at least not as well done as in this game.

-The campaign is divided into 3 parts; Russian, British, and American. Each of them have their unique atmosphere, and I'm not talking about simple things like the accents. Each campaign has a unique set of guns (except for the Germans, which use the same guns). Other than that each campaign take place in a different place, which makes it hella fun. The Russian campaign is majorly in the snowy Stalingrad (and other parts of Russia), the British campaign is in the deserts of North Africa, and the American campaign takes place in France and Germany. There are also some missions (like controlling a tank) which are a breath of fresh air and makes the game more interesting.

-The graphics are amazing for 2005. First of all, for some reason the game supports up to 4K. And second, the particle effects are amazing; the smoke grenades, the mists, pieces of dirt flying around when a grenade blows up, etc.

-Sound design and voice acting is also great specially considering nobody really took games serious in 2005.

-The only real issue is that there is basically no story.

The Case of the Golden Idol is like a game designed and written by Agatha Christie about the desperate need of control and power inside all mankind. If you are familiar with any of her works you would know that you are in for a treat.

The game starts very simple; a scene in which a man pushes another from a cliff, and the game shows you how each and every mechanism works, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. For that's just the beginning of a chain of crimes; and to find the real truth about them you have to find many clues and use your "little grey cells" to put them together.

The beautifully pixelated story takes place in the 1700s and spans 4 decades. A chain of crimes that happen for the "Golden Idol" ; the thirst to be in control and have the ultimate power.

The Case of the Golden Idol was made by only a handful of people yet it gives the feeling of accomplishment more than many multi-million-dollar games. A must play if you like puzzle games, even the slightest.

-Solid turn based gameplay but it can get boring (final bossfight)
-Art style is just like the show
-Writing is really good, once again Trey Parker doesn't disappoint
-Don' ever fart on a person's balls

P.S. the game isn't half as fun as it should be if you have never watched the show