Finished lost legacy for the first time - these games are fun on a primal spectacle level, but they never seem to make the break through to being good games. Probably going to try thief's end next to confirm


Does some incredible things visually and mechanically, but ultimately is dragged down by its extremely clunky combat. Would work way better as a myst-style puzzle walking simulator.

Was a 4/4.5 until it eventually lost steam and became purely puzzles combined with an uninteresting character storyline. Amazing music, amazing atmosphere, amazing voice acting is what holds it up.

Interesting puzzle game that plays with scale in cool ways with an unfortunate romantic story throughout that I ended up just skipping through every time it came up

strength focused prisoner build, first real time with any soulslike

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Streetkid/Panam/V gets his body back ending


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Great now i'm living with an uncanny valley old man for eternity

there's always been something that fascinated/terrified me about the suburban household. It's been exploited over and over in horror as a place that's perceived as safe until someone breaks in with a knife, but there's something more that I could never put my finger on.
This game manages to hit on this gut feeling of terror. It provides the most intimate setting and dissects it until the very concept of it seems primitive and alien.

this game got me through the darkest moments of my undergrad. it's addicting to a fault, and it has some of the most original ideas of any game in its field. a true classic.