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I have now beaten the game and gotten around half of the shrines in the game, and I have only loved everything more from now and the 30 hour mark I was previously at. The final boss was legitimately a good boss, maybe not soulsborne dlc tier, but wasn't boring like calamity ganon and had some incredible visuals and music to boot. The depths is the only thing I sorta don't find all too fun, but I don't care as every other aspect of the game is so fucking good and great to just fuck around in this great world. The dungeons are legitimately visually distinct and provide cool puzzles to screw with, and overworld bosses also provide the unique feel with actual variety and not the same boss copy pasted 40 times across the world. I'm really glad all those things I had against BOTW were addressed, and really makes this game shine. I definitely believe this game will stick with me for a long while, and takes a spot in one of my favorite games.

I'm only 30 or so hours into the game, and I fucking love it. I absolutely adored Breath of the Wild, and with BotW, I felt the game just didn't have that certain spark that would make me think of it as a masterpiece. Tears of the Kingdom however, does have that unique sort of look and feel to it with its more focused look and less "generic" feel like BotW. The creativity is incredible, Bad Piggies-esc building is truly satisfying, and I love every second of it. Will update after I've gotten like half shrines and beaten the game, but I don't think my opinion of this game will lower anytime soon.

mustve gotten the wrong outer w__lds game that released in 2019 cuz who tf is recommending this