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British Lads Hit Each Other With Chairs: A Bitsy Retelling
British Lads Hit Each Other With Chairs: A Bitsy Retelling

Jan 31

Hard Lads
Hard Lads

Jan 31

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Watch Dogs 2

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I have tried so many times to sit down and play this game but there's just so many factors that turn me off from seeing it through completely.
Perhaps the most glaring problem is the piss poor gameplay and optimisation onto PS4 that makes the experience extremely sluggish coupled with the overdone and tiresome first person, open-world RPG elements that I might as well just be replaying Skyrim if I wanted to experience over again.
It's extremely an awkward experience with nothing to really be desired and some of it kinda feels like blatant religious propaganda. Maybe I'm a bit of a dick on this, but I do not care and I do not want to hear it at all lmfao. I understand it's the standard for the times but it doesn't interest me.
Just play Skyrim instead, as over-talked that game is these days, it's better than this by a long shot if you want some medieval RPG experience.

Yeah, it's cool I guess, the gameplay is quite fun and very satisfying, not as arcadey or enjoyable as something like Blood Money though. I like the James Bond vibes this brings to the series, IO Interactive is definitely very suited to take on that franchise. The narrative feels like it wants to be a James Bond story from the Daniel Craig era, with full creative freedom to do that, I can't wait to see what IO Interactive cooks up.

Straight off the bat a mildly fun game, though not as exhilarating as it's predecessor. A larger array of opportunities with hacking but yet it somehow feels watered down compared to the first despite having a more complex controller layout. I think the crown jewel of both games in any case is their gameplay elements which opt you to spend endless hours in it's world.
That being said, in classic modern Ubisoft fashion, the narrative is extremely bloated and uninteresting. Most of the cast of characters aren't even that likable outside of Wrench of all things (who himself does have his fair share of cringey moments too.) Dusan is one of the most generic and boring ass villains not just in gaming, but entertainment history. The stakes aren't as high as they were when Aiden Pearce was at the helm which is a shame because the first had such a visceral and glooming tone whereas this feels like Ubisoft's best GTA V imitation with extra steps and corny dialogue.
Ubisoft has a knack for fun gameplay though, even at it's lowest, so I think it's enough to want to power through to the end and unlock even more exciting ways to fuck with the world.
The narrative might not be the best in the industry, but the gameplay gives this game most of it's average rating.