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my core belief as it pertains to this website is that games don't "age poorly"
my reviews tend to focus on gameplay over most other things. i'm a programmer, not a philosopher.
some of my reviews may be non-chronological. if i put a completion date, then it was written quickly following my completion of that game
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every possible bit of praise that gets heaped on this game couldn't even be enough. it really is something so completely special, a game whose magic has never quite been recreated despite countless attempts. every nuance to the control, every inch of the map, every enemy and boss, all packed with so much detail, so much love and care. they really, truly, do not make them like this anymore. Symphony of the Night, to me, is the perfect video game.

make no mistake this is a review of the remaster and not the original game, which i never finished. although now i'll have to, because i found the balance changes of this rerelease to be painfully egregious towards the end. why would you nerf the quake 2 railgun are you insane?
compass is a welcome change though, a suitable replacement for looking up a walkthrough in another window every time you get lost in these head-bashingly stupid levels (which, btw, don't even try alt-tabbing in this version lol)
i can't insult q2 on its own too much though, i think the weapon lineup is mostly solid and the combat encounters are generally more fun than anything in q1. avoid this remake and just play the original. i hear Yamagi's a good sourceport

an utterly repulsive and mostly just kind of sad game. mike patton is the single redeeming quality of this game, and don't tell me it's the swinging. the swinging sucks just as much as the combat and the story and the visuals etc etc etc
BC09 will always be seen as some misunderstood hidden gem instead of rightfully being derided as a culmination of every bad 7th gen trend and this frustrates me greatly