I wish I could recommend this game in good conscience but I cannot. Based on his post history the founder, Michal Kovařík, is not someone I want to support. I won't go into detail here, just look up "why is the Factorio creator hated" if you are curious.

You already know this game slaps so god damn hard, if you haven't played it what are you doing here? Go do it!

This game is so good I am giving it a secret hidden red 6th star. I have nothing to say about the story, but the gameplay is so good that everything between levels could just be footage of someone reading a book silently and I would still say that this is the 2022 GOTY.

This game is the ultimate love letter to Pokémon. They took the formula of classic Pokémon and distilled it to its purest form. I started playing this game to see the cool fusions and ended up immensely satisfied with this games QOL features. When you couple these features with the truly insane amount of replayability that comes with fusing Pokémon you get a game that offers something for every kind of Pokémon fan. Whether you want to theorycraft to create the toughest Pokémon possible and face every challenge the game has to offer or whether you just want to see cool and/or cute Pokémon, this game has got what you're looking for and then some. For Pokémon fans new and old, this is a must-play.

this is the only game that i will sometimes open up just to spectate rounds of. i have a couple hundred hours as of writing and there is a lot i still do not understand about the game (atmospherics) but i understand enough to know what is happening generally and that is enough for this to be the most entertaining multiplayer game ever for me

this is the binding of isaac of deckbuilding roguelikes


when i fight enemies in the later levels adrenaline kicks in and i stop thinking about what i am doing so i start button-mashing whilst praying that i do not die. i would try and improve at the combat, but i feel that praying for victory is more thematically appropriate

i'm not even going to deduct any points for White Palace thats how good this game is

as far as vampire survivors type games go this is one of the best to come out. if you like this genre this is a must-play

if you do not enjoy this game you do not have a soul

important to the genre but clunky to play, excited to see how the remake plays

This review contains spoilers

the card game itself is good, the elements beyond the card game take it up a notch

the worst game i have ever played