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Klonoa: Empire of Dreams
Klonoa: Empire of Dreams

Oct 01

The World Ends with You
The World Ends with You

Sep 29

Poinie's Poin
Poinie's Poin

Sep 01

Quake II
Quake II

Aug 30

Jet Set Radio
Jet Set Radio

Aug 07

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i wrote a lot and it didnt save what the fuck why it didnt save
final boss spoilers
the final bosses were fucking amazing. Throughout the game, I felt like the game was pretty good and creative but kinda monotonous at times. Most of the game, you can just wail on enemies with the right pins, I wished they had done more to make it feel more "skillful" but I just thought maybe that was the best they could've done, since this is like the only game of its kind. Those final bosses were so fucking amazing though holy shit I wish the rest of the game was like that !
As I beat the very final boss and the screen started shaking, I truly felt like I was about to drop my 3ds in real life

finished call of the machine about 9:30 pm
it was epic