i wrote a lot and it didnt save what the fuck why it didnt save
final boss spoilers
the final bosses were fucking amazing. Throughout the game, I felt like the game was pretty good and creative but kinda monotonous at times. Most of the game, you can just wail on enemies with the right pins, I wished they had done more to make it feel more "skillful" but I just thought maybe that was the best they could've done, since this is like the only game of its kind. Those final bosses were so fucking amazing though holy shit I wish the rest of the game was like that !
As I beat the very final boss and the screen started shaking, I truly felt like I was about to drop my 3ds in real life

finished call of the machine about 9:30 pm
it was epic

amazing game
i fucking love the movement so much, i love that the game makes you faster when you grind on rails or wallride just to encourage you to do more cool shit
i exclusively played as the girls because they went the fastest the boys were slow as shit
the game is goddamn beautiful and i only wish there were more than 1 boss sequence because that one was super cool, theres infinite potential for this sort of genre its a shame its barely been touched in general
i just was a little annoyed when i would get hit by a car, land on top of it, and then be driven to the LEVEL EXIT WHERE I COULDNT CONTROL MY CHARACTER ANYMORE AND WAS FORCED TO EXIT THE LEVEL WHEN I WAS HALFWAY THROUGH IT
that was fucked up lolll but that was about it
very good game

finished at like 12 am-ish
amazing game, the image composition throughout the entire game is fucking breathtaking, every design of every colossi is amazing, and beating every colossi like solving its own puzzle was very fun, and taking down each colossi was very satisfying

started at like 12 pm
this shit is so fucking good what the fuck i love the cgi and music and atmosphere and everything


started at like 9 pm ish, writing this at 2:52 am 5/13/2023
ive only started this game today, got to 12 hearts i think, but holy fuck
this game really does feel like an sm64 if it was made on the next generation
the game honestly really does look like an ultraspecced n64 game to me, but i honestly like it for that
lot of the textures, low framerate and mostly blocky levels do remind me a lot of n64 games, but it does have way bigger levels with some more involved setpieces, way farther draw distance (even if there is still some pop in), and so on
even if jakndaxter and ratchet n clank were both able to have higher fidelity in basically every way (more detailed models and higher res textures)and also run at 60 fps, i still really do appreciate how this game looks for what it is
i fucking love how the moveset is also literally mario's moveset in sm64 even with all the little quirks like a melee attack in the air that stalls your movement for a little (useful in platforming), long jump, walljumping being done the same way, or even putting your back against the wall if you hold your stick against a wall for whatever reason. i just wish he had maybe the coolest sm64 move, the dive!
this is so goddamn cool i did not expect it to be this good and i cant wait to play more

started at 8 am ish
update 5/2/2023 at like 3 am
the end of the game became a huge slog again with everything being a huge damage sponge and the final boss is the ultimate damage sponge especially when I still have to fight normal enemies in between who are damage sponges themselves. I just don't want to beat that lol
I like how much better the controls are especially with shooting
I don't like how much more linear levels are and how much more shooting focused it is, especially when it makes it even worse when the game becomes entirely shooting huge damage sponges the entire time even when your levels are all fully leveled
Like imagine if you were playing doom and by the end, instead of imps taking 2 shotgun shots, they suddenly take 10 each and pinkies took like 20 shotguns shots or 8 rockets etc etc it's fucked and just unfun
edit 5/10/23 5:29 pm
i ended up finishing it, it was not as fan as the others
it wouldve been great if they kept these better third person shooting controls in ratchet 1 level designs but it isnt

completed 6:48ish pm 4/25/23
it was great
normally at a first glance I just am kinda turned away from literally any mech games because I dont know how they could really do that without it being convoluted and unfun, or overly simple and unfun
surprisingly this was great! I do feel like I have real control of my mech, in a way which is relatively simple but you have quite a bit of room for creativity within your moveset which is cool
can go about killing enemies in different ways so coming up with different ways to kill each, especially as they get stronger and smarter AI through the game, was very cool and fun
pretty nice and sweet, it was short
it was fun

i didnt expect much but playing this felt really truly great for what it was even though it was very simple
the atmosphere it creates with what little it has to work with is great, with the lighting in the levels and the music in a lot of them
the movement was very surprisingly fun and creative despite how simple it still is, i love the airdash beak attack thing and being able to climb any walls with it, moving around is fun
whatever the game was doing with those symbols and creepy enemies and the one creepy level was very interesting too which I wouldve never expected, really makes me wonder what that was about, yet is still very cool that you never really find out and I dont know if there is any 'real explanation' for it, which is cool in itself.


started like 5 am ish
just finished level 2 barely by fucking running away as soon as the last big ass demon spawned right in front of the exit door, i ran away, got teleported and teleported the 2 cacodemons there away as well, ran all the way around and ran past the big ass demon to get to the exit door without taking damage, when i was wondering if I'd even have enough ammo to actually kill each demon...
this shit is goddamn amazing im playing it on ultraviolence

I played this game it was kickass. a shame none of you fucks will ever play it hahahahahaahahaha

This review contains spoilers

started like 9 pm 3/16/23
emulated on steam deck with crt filter
beat 10:15 pm-ish 3/18/23
that was amazing
Working my way around the controls was honestly really god damn fun, I loved figuring out how to fight these bosses and do damage while still also dodging attacks which was actually more challenging than just usual fps circle strafing! It definitely got more fun as I progressed through the game too. The dungeon crawling was really fun.
-The cutscenes were great, it really all was just like a saturday morning cartoon, and there was so much of it for a ps1 game. This really might be the first movie game with how many cutscenes there are, but it was genuinely cool and novel, and some of the most impressive cutscene work on ps1, especially considering they're all in real time and have very expressive faces and such despite it being on ps1.
-The reveal at some point was absolutely godlike and really instantly made me realize just how great this world really is and how important this game is to the overall megaman lore, really putting 2-and-2 together with its connection to just about every other megaman series (sans battle network and starforce)

amazing game
first rpg I've beaten on hard difficulty and it was great
great story, extremely fun first person dungeon crawling