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A carefully crafted story with a mystery that hooks you in quite quickly and keeps hold of you to the end, and you'll get the most out of your time but exploring the customs and quirks of each crew member, the islands you visit and the world itself as much as possible.
I've always been more of a one-and-done type with these types of multi-choice games, but there are a number of different avenues and interactions to go down in a second playthrough if you're that way inclined.

Pretty good overall but at times it does feel like Jusant is having a bit of an identity crisis. I appreciate the wordless storytelling, finding pictograms along your way to punctuate the journey and give hints as to what's coming next, but then you're also given a ton of overlong text logs that really halt your flow. I think there was a great opportunity for environmental storytelling as you climb higher, focusing on your own journey but seeing how things used to be, but that feeling was undone my some of the essays you find along the way.
A similar issue exists with climbing itself. In general, it's actually quite good but the mechanics you're introduced to as you climb come and go just as quickly, leaving little to no time for them to be explored and certainly no chance to see how they could interact. There's also a couple of issues where you can get stuck on scenery, and it can be fiddly to be able to climb down specific ledges.
One of those games that showed a lot of promise but its just left wanting by some decisions to play things a bit too safe.

Dropsy is a misunderstood being, seemingly blamed for a fiery disaster at the circus and almost ostracised from society; an easy target due to their seeming illiteracy and unconventional look. In reality and despite appearances, Dropsy just wants to make people happy and will help anyone out in order to do so, all to achieve that elusive hug.
It's a wonderfully bizarre world and refreshingly open for an adventure game - sure, some sections are progress locked but the initial area you get to explore is substantial. Definitely one to play in a sitting or two so you don't forget where things you can't access just yet are waiting for you. The inhabitants are equally weird, each with their own requests to fulfill to get that hug (and maybe some progress) and your only clues for solving them being pictograms. The puzzles thankfully aren't too taxing but not having to rely on dialogue cues or item descriptions is a nice change of pace and adds a different kind of gameplay element to the genre.
I just really gelled with the overall experience - the art style matches the places you explore and the strange people you meet, the music is truly a delight and I was taken in with the basic but charming story.