Pseudoregalia has the most satisfying technical movement of any 3D platformer I have ever played. It has incredible potential, but lacks a distinctive visual style in its environments and level design, with a few barely-passing exceptions (Twilight Theater and the Empty Bailey). The combat is a chore, is unchallenging and tedious, and more often than not gets in the way of the game's stand out feature: getting around the world with kicks and sick flips.
The first boss fight (of two total) lingers for far too long, and has unfair, but again unchallenging, attacks. The final boss is a slightly more interesting but equally easy bullet hell with a target to chase down every 10 seconds. It should be replaced by a platforming gauntlet.
The lack of an in-game map (at the time of writing) is a major hinderance only due to the fact that so many of the game's bland interiors blend together. On my third playthrough I finally felt like I could navigate the entire game without getting lost too many times.
The game's story is obviously incomplete/uninspired as far as I can ascertain, which is fine. The flavor text from the rabbits that litter the game world is always entertaining and cute, but some of them should probably be giving the player info on how to use abilities, where they are, etc. The only time you need to know how to heal is during the first boss fight, which happens within the first 15 minutes gameplay- but there is no indication of how to heal, or even that you can.
I'm hoping to see future content for this game in the form of the previously mentioned movement gauntlet, and things that expand on the movement system generally.

This is the 3D cavestory remake I was waiting for.

Something about the (painfully obvious) ESL voice actor doing a very forced impression of J. K. Simmons as Cave Johnson was incredibly grating to me. Puzzles were okay, but I was primed to be hypercritical of all design choices because of the previously mentioned gripe.