Hands down one of the best games of all time, if not the best game of all-time. When looking at it in reverse I cannot really find one thing or component to the game that is bad. Of course it is not perfect but FF VII has some of the best and polished turn-based RPG combat/gameplay systems (materia, limits, leveling). The mechanics are simple at its core but can get much deeper depending on how much the player wants to fiddle around. Likely the best game soundtrack/score of all time. 10/10

An interesting and charming yet frustrating and aggravating 3D beat em up that focus on combat with certain battle conditions in every room. The conditions to get by certain rooms make this game a lot harder than it needs to be. The attacks are done with the RT stick and the triggers control the camera which also added a little unnecessary frustration. It controls fine once you get use to it and it is unique that is for sure. The enemies/ghoulies are unique and fun. I did have some fun.

(B Tier) (8/10)
Overall frustrated with this game and so torn. The gameplay is just pure fun and about as perfect as a team based shooter can get, but the rest of the game is so broken it detracts from the experience. The competitive system is completely broken, it takes about 10 HRS every week to make any battle pass progress, everything in the shop is way way overpriced, and all of the special events have been terrible. Every single system in OW1 was better, and blizzard is just scummy.

Played when it first came out but never finished it. Went back and completed it. Overall it is a pretty solid fun looter-shooter game. Its strengths are the character/enemy design and variety, the variety in character builds/skills, the endless amount of loot/weapon combinations and stats, and the intense firefights. Some weaknesses include the shallow story, grindy sometimes repetitive missions/gameplay, weak boss fights, weak vehicle sections, and bland aesthetic/world design.

Couldn't finish it, it was that bad and frustrating. Swarms of enemies that do not stop and impede progress but they keep coming so there is no real way to advance. Played about half of the single player and gave up. The gameplay that was there was completely boring.

one of my all time favorites, likely my favorite game of all time/currently my favorite game of all time.

Really enjoyable game, I wish there was less side content and more variation to the gameplay. The side content is a lot of doing the same thing over and over, and the combat is pretty similar every fight. There is a ton of content in the game and the game is gorgeous. It is so much fun to just swing around the city and do whatever you want. A really great open world action game.

I like it better than Marvel Spider-Man because the combat is slightly more varied, and the side content is done a little differently and is not as grindy.

Fifa has been one of the sports games that seems to at least feel a little fresh every year, and always keeps me playing unlike say madden or NHL. My competitive sports gaming roots started with Fifa and I have played every release since Fifa 08. I agree that the game was better in years past (08-12), but Fifa is still fun to play and this version is good. They can definitely make improvements on the career modes, and Volta Football is a worthless mode to play. I play mostly Online.

Solid game, not as good as the OG windjammers. Can see these games being fun to play with a couple of buddies and some drinks. Arcade style disc toss game almost like a fighting game but not quite. They are definitely unique.

some interesting mechanics and gameplay, but it was very hard to find a solid squad online. Most people do not use stealth and just rush in which does not end well. Little variation and gets stale/repetitive. This game is rainbow six siege except in a multiplayer wave/horde/survival mode type of game.

Game of the year candidate for 2021. Really expansive map/environment, lots of different events and online capabilities, lots of customization, and omg tons of cars. This is basically a CarPG game. Love it and amazing visuals as well.

poor counter-strike clone, huge overseas but it is just really basic. Way more fast paced than counter-strike which I did enjoy for a little bit but got really boring.

Game is really bad, like really bad. One of the worst sports games I have ever played it is almost comical. Tries to be arcade like but is not even remotely fun or interesting.

Really trash, almost identical to Madden 22, the new gameplay changes are terrible and the game plays bad online....lots of exploits and just garbage.