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Feb 15

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A cute concept, held back by the level layouts being a pain to navigate. You spend a lot of the time bouncing either right to where you were or progressing backwards. The powerups don't help with that very much.

What a delight. This is a game I waited the better part of a decade for, having played its predecessor back in 2013. Preemptive game of the year edition was damn right.
This game is sweet, heartfelt, funny and just extremely endearing. The characters are well-written and have depth to them - you can tell they've been rattling around in the creator's head marinating in creative juices for a good while now.
Combat was a fun challenge and ultimately pretty surmountable for an RPG-averse gal like me. I had a few times where I game over-ed but managed to turn things around after figuring out some weaknesses.
These animals are gay. And thank goodness for that.

The fastest I've ever felt motion sick in any game, VR or otherwise