For a few bucks this is a good fun little romp. Don't expect an enormous amount of depth - it's one city - but it's a good time.
I do kind of wish it had some more objectives to it (maybe making those to unlock the alternate colours would've added a little extra longevity to it?) but I suspect I will be back with some extra players to test that multiplayer mode out.

The best NFS since 2006.
They've genuinely outdone themselves. The soundtrack bangs. The cars are great. Stylish as all get out. Brimming with personality. Novel game structure which works pretty well.
Held back by Frostbite and weird business decisions, as is par for the course with modern EA titles.
Deserving of ongoing support or a follow-up.

Way, way, way, way, way too fucking long for its own good. First 8 hours or so are interesting, but then it becomes clear they're out of ideas, and the rest is just rehashes with mildly different skins. Ambitious in attempting to allow recruiting anyone in the world, but it undermines the whole game.
The hackers must be all virtuous and only use non-lethal weaponry (except when they don't).
I haven't felt this level of disrespect for my time from a game since Agents of Mayhem. Huge levels of rehashing of the same shit. Unreasonably difficult arenas where it sends dozens of dudes at you while you're charged with surviving with your pissweak little pistol. No real opportunities to use hacking to level the playing field in a meaningful way.
Play 2 instead and ignore the rest of the series.

A very, very, very polished VR game. Story is well told, gunplay is good and fun. Ending is a bit too difficult for its own good. So more or less typical Valve fare, then.

A cute concept, held back by the level layouts being a pain to navigate. You spend a lot of the time bouncing either right to where you were or progressing backwards. The powerups don't help with that very much.

What a delight. This is a game I waited the better part of a decade for, having played its predecessor back in 2013. Preemptive game of the year edition was damn right.
This game is sweet, heartfelt, funny and just extremely endearing. The characters are well-written and have depth to them - you can tell they've been rattling around in the creator's head marinating in creative juices for a good while now.
Combat was a fun challenge and ultimately pretty surmountable for an RPG-averse gal like me. I had a few times where I game over-ed but managed to turn things around after figuring out some weaknesses.
These animals are gay. And thank goodness for that.

The fastest I've ever felt motion sick in any game, VR or otherwise

Didn't really vibe with it much at all. Some cool unique mechanics but deployed in service of a pretty rote-feeling shooter in between.

What a gorgeous little game, perfect length, wonderfully explorative and with no attempt to “hook” you into completionism

It's a shame this is a modern EA game engineered for subscription services first and foremost, because the racing is pretty good, and the storyline is engaging, you just don't get all that much of it unless you buy DLC "seasons".
Outside of the story mode, the career mode is pretty barebones, despite a healthy number of tracks and modes. I just wish it landed somewhere between those extremes.

A fantastic little adventure game. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this.

Janky as hell but just charming enough to keep coming back to

This game is so disappointing because what we really needed was a solid PC port of Geometry Wars 2, but given this is after the untimely demise of prior series developer Bizarre Creations, we're left with this pale imitation of the once-great series. Great job Activision.

Very fluid animation, but fiendishly difficult. Also I had to pay 100 cents for it. Boo!

very very stylish and a cool concept, but I feel like it could benefit from some checkpointing. the fact that you can preview moves with the crank is also completely missable.