Definitely giving too much credit for not really that much change but Ego Engine is still superb and the Team Career mode is easily my favorite career mode consistently in sports gaming. Feels masterful on the PS5 DualSense, too!

Dude, how does just moving the stick around a map with loads of enemies work this damn well? Hell yeah.

I still love playing the actual basketball in this game and like most years, that aspect is still well honed. And look, I'll gladly eat up the aesthetic stuff added for the MyEras and the Jordan Challenge. It just bothers me that after touting how efficient their load times had gotten in the prior two entries, there's definite wait times now. What happened?

Felt more tension playing Yacht Dice than I've felt in most of the horror movies I've watched this month.

I do like that Codemasters in this new era really goes for a more arcadey style to their major projects and this is fine. Kinda feel like Dirt 5 did better on the premise and the variety of races, though. Still, racing games with fantastic 120hz support will always be a neat bonus for me that I'll eat up every time.

I feel a numbness. I don't think the modern entries will ever be the football game for me because it's just a bit too messy. Neat tribute to the big guy in the opening, though.

Credit where it's due, at least this feels like a wrestling game that mostly functions as intended. It does have a feeling of being a bit too lean, though, some of it likely out of the Dev's control but touting something like GM Mode that's only a lean and robotic experience doesn't do a lot for me. I mean, you ain't gonna make it like TEW but, you know, maybe more than 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 matches, please?

College Football Revamped is easily one of the greatest modding achievements that's ever been done in the whole medium. The sheer undertaking to painstakingly drag a great but obviously dated game into the modern era and pretty much allow the things NCAA allows for to continue to be possible is second-to-none. It's absolutely kept the flame alive on a game that I have and probably will still put in hundreds of hours into. So I wanted to give CFR's team their flowers in that regard.

I do love me some Picross even if the RPG element is probably not that deep, probably not all that necessary, and does kinda break some of the flow of figuring out a good board of Picross. Ah well, still worth my time.

Look, I'm definitely just mad the tennis game doesn't feel simple but fuck, dude. Can you like not laugh at me while you're doing it?

What can I say, I'm an Iga fanboi.

I mean, I can't say I expected the story mode of a Tekken to be a brawler instead of, well, Tekken.

Wahew, they finally took my advice on speeding up the practice stuff...just as I started not totally hating the practice stuff. The addition of 120hz mode shouldn't feel like such a gamechanger when I could do the same on PC but like, it still brings a tear to a glass eye. Story mode's kinda dogshit but the career modes are still just as stellar as in the past.

I get the impression I'll probably never finish it but goddamn is this neat.