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valoderso completed Ys IX: Monstrum Nox - Pact Edition
i was sadly more aware of the flaws of the Ys series in this game, than i had been with the prior one.
they got some really great voice actors, yet i didn't always like the voice directing, nor did i like how seemingly random the voice acting was. sometimes a scene would just stop or start having voice acting in the middle of it. some main story scenes lacked it alltogether.
the grind for the twilight shards in each chapter got repetitive and annoying fairly quickly. balduq is a rather bland town itself, but honestly not my biggest concern.
i did like the cast of this game the most so far! i was able to connect to all monstrums (aside from aprillis sadly) and i was happy to see them in the end credits and see what they did with their lives after the events of the game.
i don't hate this game, nor can i really love it. combining all my thoughts and feelings, i'm being rather neutral about this game. i won't return to it anytime soon, but i'm still glad i played it

1 day ago

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