i loved the hell out of this game when i was younger! but i'm still bitter i didn't manage to find all of those golden medals, even after redoing some levels a lot of times...

i was sadly more aware of the flaws of the Ys series in this game, than i had been with the prior one.
they got some really great voice actors, yet i didn't always like the voice directing, nor did i like how seemingly random the voice acting was. sometimes a scene would just stop or start having voice acting in the middle of it. some main story scenes lacked it alltogether.
the grind for the twilight shards in each chapter got repetitive and annoying fairly quickly. balduq is a rather bland town itself, but honestly not my biggest concern.
i did like the cast of this game the most so far! i was able to connect to all monstrums (aside from aprillis sadly) and i was happy to see them in the end credits and see what they did with their lives after the events of the game.
i don't hate this game, nor can i really love it. combining all my thoughts and feelings, i'm being rather neutral about this game. i won't return to it anytime soon, but i'm still glad i played it

every few years i return to this game, spend two to three days on it and then don't touch it again for the next few years. it would've been nice if the base game got more content, instead of dozens of expansion packs that cost even more than the base game

a rather short game. not for everyone due to the topics in it, but not terrible either

nice game that got me to draw a bit more. though in all honesty, i only bought it for the swan song since it's literally so calm and relaxing–

it's an odd game for sure, but nicely thought provoking. i'm glad i went into this blind without knowing what to expect, because otherwise i wouldn't have been able to enjoy it the way i did

This review contains spoilers

i finished this game the day it came out, practically eating up all the content i could get. at first, i was a bit dissappointed by the ending of the game, especially since everything else was so perfect. but i think after reflecting on it a few days, i can accept this ending.
i would've loved to see everyone happy and together again, especially noah and mio. but we do know now that they're reunited. we might not see how they meet each other again, but there are so many clues at the ending of both games that they'll meet again. there might not be a canon way how they meet again, but i think everyone has their own ideas how it happens and we can all pretend like it happens the way we want it to.
aside from that, the fanservice in this game is absolutely insane. colony 9, the curry, the gem man, all the decendants from the characters from the first two games that we love, the music, hell even the references to xenosaga or xenoblade x!
i even got some of my personal, rather unrealistic fanservice wishes granted! seeing klaus's world and getting to walk around in it, even if it was just a few meters was insane. and seeing alvis again, even if his situation is rather complicated now... the mentions of pneuma and logos! all those things are just crazy.
i think my expectations for this game were too high and no matter what, monolith could've never met them. but i think that i can learn to love the things they gave us. even if it's not all that i wanted and more, i can learn to love all the things i did get instead!

not sure if i like the game or if i've been stockholm syndromed into liking it
but on a more serious note, i think the game has some great moments and some not so great. i was never a fan of Q team. an amnesiac, a serial killer and some whiny "nice guy" isn't the best combo. but i pushed through those fragments.
the highlight of the game was d team. i loved phi and sigma in the second game and i adore diana. every scene with those three was amazing.
c team had great moments and some i did not care about that much. but nothing negative that comes to my mind right away.
some of the games scenes were very funny, without even intending to be that. and i love the fun easter eggs the game has to offer or small lines when you tap on certain things in escape rooms.
the decision aspect of the game was very fun. i enjoyed seeing which choices would get me killed and which ones were the right ones. i probably shouldn't have trusted sigma as much as i did, since that usually got me killed–
the different endings were all decent. some better and some just not. i even enjoyed the true ending / final ending, despite the cliffhanger. because even if you had gotten to make a final decision, would it really have mattered? it was a lose-lose situation. or at the very least, you wouldn't gain anything from doing anything. you lost and you won.

This review contains spoilers

i did not expect to love the game THIS much! i loved the original twewy on the ds and i thought this game was going to be good, but not live up to the original game's heights. i'm glad i was wrong!
it really took a while for me to get adjusted to the new characters, as well as the battle system. but man do i love them now! the characters are great, even the ones that aren't playable. sure, by the end of the game a lot of characters from the first game show up but honestly, that's great! it's amazing to see an older version of rhyme or to finally get the real shiki!
the battle system was very fun as well, even if i was constantly underleveled. i still managed to get through the game but had to sometimes stop and grind to catch up and have a chance at certain things.
the ending was great as well! my gods did i love everyone reuniting. shiki and neku. shoka and rindo. even seeing more of the sibling relationship between beat and rhyme or nagi and fret's friendship.
i haven't beaten the extra day yet, nor have i gotten the secret files. but i fully intend to 100% this game! i really love it and the characters absolutely mean the world to me <3

it's a fun game i can play while watching an anime or listening to music. it doesn't take much focus and it's just a simple and fun game

all of the three games are great! the third one was my favourite by a lot, but it couldn't have been as great as it is, without the first two games laying the foundation. the last case of the third game was very satisfying and a perfect ending for the trilogy! i do have a few minor nitpicks, but nothing that really sours my experience with the third game!
the first game was very great as well! miles edgeworth is iconic and my favourite prosecuter. i feel like almost all the original cases are very iconic in this game (case 1, phoenix's first case; case 2, maya's introduction; case 3, steek samurai and case 4, the von karma one). case 5 was a nice extra but as someone who only played those three games so far, i got no idea who all those new people were. maybe after i play apollo justice, i'll know? either way, case 5 just was a case i can barely remember anything about anymore
the second game is my least favourite one, but still a very good game! meeting pearl and learning more about kurain is great and the last case has a great twist! but the circus case really wasn't it and franziska von karma is a character i sadly never got very attached to. also, this game had some characters i really hate with a burning passion (i am looking at iny mimi or whatever her name was and the hospital director-- i couldn't stand them)
all in all, great series! i'm sure i'll get a lot of enjoyment out of apollo justice as well and if i manage to get my hands on the great ace attorney chronicles, then i'm certain i'll enjoy those as well!

i enjoyed my time with this game but the bright colours genuinely gave me such a bad headache that i could never play it for longer than an hour or maybe two on a good day. i haven't touched it in a few years and might do so again in the future. hopefully this time without the headache--

i got this game on sale with a group of friends. we played for like a week and i haven't touched it since. i did enjoy watching let's plays of this however. actually playing it myself was okay but it's just not really my type of game. but it's not bad either

i basically played through everything this game has to offer, got every item, every dog at least once and all houses (except the space station--). looking back on it, i think this game is responsible for my completionist behaviour nowadays

i borrowed this game as a child from a friend of mine and enjoyed it so much that i actually bought it now that i am an adult. this is purely my nostalgia speaking and i am very well aware of it. however, i still enjoy the game, especially the cooking mini games