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i try to log what i play everyday to encourage myself to actually finish games (it is working, somewhat)
my reviews tend to be incoherent and my genre preference is heavily skewed towards RPGs
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My favorite game in the series yet. I love the SSS so much, watching their growth throughout the story was satisfying. Loved the whole ending sequence as well.

We Love Katamari is such a loving game and an excellent follow-up to the original Katamari Damacy, filled to the brim with heart.
The plot in a game like this typically isn't very important or deep but it is handled interestingly here: the missions act as a sequel to the original game, with the people you accept quests from being aware of Katamari Damacy. However, after completing a few missions, you get cutscenes of the King of All Cosmos' childhood and upbringing. A silly and simple narrative that fits well within Katamari. It is also inconsequential and could easily be ignored but I find it to be charming and pretty enjoyable all throughout, especially as a fan of the original game.
The gameplay is about the same but the physics and controls are tweaked to be a little less unwieldy. It would be kind of hard to explain in detail but it's generally a smoother experience to move the Katamari around. That is to say, it is very fun to play, however, newcomers may find the basic controls to be awkward and unorthodox at first. The mission count and variety has been heavily expanded upon with the addition of new types of objectives, new and larger levels, and a new mini-campaign exclusive to this remaster. As a result, this game is a bit longer than the original and while it doesn't feel as tight as it, there is very little downtime between levels and more interesting content.
Lastly, the presentation is great. The visuals are stylized and I personally love how bright and colorful this version of the game looks. The music is superb: I don't really have a lot to say about it besides that it is all extremely pleasant to listen to and that I love it a lot. "Everlasting Love" is probably my favorite.
This is one of my favorite games I have played so far this year and I hope Bandai Namco is open to creating a brand-new Katamari game. It has been a long time since the last entry and while these recent remasters have been good, a new game could be so good. Kind of in the same boat as Super Monkey Ball at the moment.

My brother and I love the original Dead Space and its sequel so we figured we would give this game a shot since it is only $5 on Steam at the moment. Don't let the sale price swindle you; this game sucks and it is a pain in the ass to get working.
We spent nearly two hours just trying to get this game to even open and join each other's online session on the Steam version. There were so many things we had to try to get the game to launch: uninstalling Origin, installing the EA app, then uninstalling and reinstalling that, restarting our computers, closing out random background services in Windows. Finally got it to open and just as soon as it did, it opened in the tiniest fullscreen windowed then crashed until I went to the game's configuration file and manually entered my preferred resolution and screen mode. Once we were able to actually open the game, that was not the end of trying to get this shit to work.
In an unsurprising move, EA made the lobby system for Dead Space 3 on PC a shitshow because of the countless bugs and annoyances the EA app comes with. Inviting friends into your session is impossible because EA's in-game overlay is busted: it displays nothing while its open, doesn't let you interact with your friends list, and completely freezes the game while its open. You cannot even invite your friend to your session by tabbing into the EA app itself and inviting them, as that is seemingly only an option when the overlay is working and you are in-game. Only were we able to join each other when each of us alternated in posting a public lobby instead of a private game to play together. Tried four times to get into our own session because randoms kept joining us.
After all of this trial and error, we were greeted to Dead Space 3 in its full glory, with the most boring bombastic opening I have ever experienced in a game. My controller did not work with the game so I had to use keyboard and mouse controls and boy is it uncomfortable, even after trying to salvage it with rebinds and sensitivity tweaks. Entirely unoriginal, completely boring, and an absolute mess on PC. I don't think this game is worth the headache caused by trying to get it to simply launch.
Play Resident Evil 5 instead if you are looking for a co-op action game to play with a friend. At least that game works from the get-go and is pretty entertaining throughout.