WELL that was a long time! 62.4 hours according to Steam, which is the longest time I've played a more-or-less story based game in a loooooong time! Cyberpunk was like just over 30 hours I think for me!
SO y'all should know that I love love LOVE tactical games, and this game, which is basically Fire Emblem Three Houses: Marvel Edition with a really lovely card system, is so wildly up my alley I almost couldn't believe it. I am a lifelong capes comics lover (I will admit that the monstrosity that is the MCU and how much I dislike those movies makes me kinda be very lowkey about how much I love capes) and I love that we get more-or-less comic book versions of folks here.
SINCE it's so up my alley, and I trust my skill in the genre, I don't cheat on games like this. In fact, I bumped up the difficulty to the second highest one as soon as I unlocked it. I feel ok boasting that I only had to restart a single mission [smug sunglasses face]
What else can I say? I loved this game a ton. I loved Hunter's friendships (especially with Nico and Magik and Wanda) and I loved the Abbey and I just loved what this game had going on.
Tips and tricks? Gotta say that, having not read anything else so I could be way off base here, Spider-Man is probably the “best” character. He has lots of abilities that can be upgraded to be “free” and if I’ve learned anything from a lifetime of really loving games with action economy it’s that being able to use moves that don’t count against your action economy is as good as it gets!
Anywho, I cannot recommend this game highly enough!

Reviewed on Jan 16, 2023