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After recently experiencing my first D&D campaign by a mediocre Dungeon Master, I feel like I am still missing that D&D magic. Luckily Divinity II is an ideal game of D&D, but in a video game format.
Divinity: Original Sin II has straight-forward combat mechanics as an RPG, although the number of intertwining systems in this game is overwhelming (sorry for setting you on fire, I forget sometimes). Focusing on elemental spells and status effects as a Cleric did make every encounter unique and thrilling. The game is filled with content, enabling you to upgrade and cast even more spells. This game has that freedom. That's all I can say, I remembered there were things that really bugged me, but I don't remember. Can't wait for Baldur's Gate 3
Also, my former Dungeon Master ended up being the guy to handle saving & loading ;_; You have no idea how many times they failed to save before a difficult fight

This is a very good game that I had a lot of fun playing.
I have a lot of small gripes, none of which amount to very much individually. Unfortunately, with an open-world game of this length, small gripes can snowball and detract from the overall experience.
I think this game will be my new personal poster child for "ludonarrative dissonance" in video games.
The art direction in this game is incredible.
I respect the choice to not include waypoints. But there were several moments in the game where I just wanted a fucking waypoint.

A lot of balancing made with previous items that were once useless are much better here. Originally 15 characters to a new 34 unique characters total. Being able to start a run weak, then ending up potentially overpowered with millions of combinations/synergies to choose from is satisfying, along with the true final ending. Co-op is made well and the new soundtrack kills it. I have logged in over 1,600+ hours between the Steam and Switch version, and I don't regret it. This made me interested with the Roguelike genre the franchise as a whole. After completing 637 achievements on Steam, I think it's safe to say that I would consider this game to be my favorite game of all time, that's not gonna change anytime soon.

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