Delve into a hyper-cinematic adventure. You are a clone. You live at the world's end. You worship the last surviving human: the Allmother. When a dangerous rumour shatters your faith, you phase through time and memory—to expose a 1000-year-old lie. Relive. Reclaim. Resist.

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I feel a bit like that picture of a cow staring out into the ocean. Man.

At different points during the time I played this, I thought it was about a bunch of different things. After finishing it, I still think it is about all of those things. It's messy, raw, in the best kind of way. Absolutely a stand out for me this year, and something I will certainly be thinking about for a while to come.

I could try and come up with a neat little bow that says what the game is about: Oh it's about resistance/protest, it's about generational trauma, it's about anti-asian racism, it's about covid, it's about emotions, it's about connections with people, it's about seeking purpose, it's about holding on to hope. But... I don't think attempts to summarize what the game is about would really capture how the game actually feels.

God damn, I'm not even sure what else to say about this, I think everyone should play it. If you love Sci-fi, if you love thinking about shit, if you love (relatively) short experiences, play this game.

EDIT: I'm probably gonna end up tacking more and more on to this but I'd be remiss if I didn't mentioned the voice acting and music. The music doesn't seem like it's a stand out, but it's so incredibly evocative and surreal. I'd love to just listen to the soundtrack as ambience. The voice acting I honestly wouldn't be surprised if someone called it bad and yet... its also incredibly evocative. I love the way a lot of characters sound like they're whispering into the mic. It makes some of the deliveries feel incredibly human. There's a line read in the first chapter that I'm still thinking about. It's exceptionally well executed overall.

To get straight to the point, this is one of the most compelling, emotionally provocative, and profound narratives that I have ever experienced in a video game and is likewise one of the greatest science fiction tales ever told - across any medium. It is not just a GOTY contender for 2024, but a game that could easily end up on my all-time indie game Mount Rushmore.

There is a thin line for me when it comes to non-linear storytelling, where some explanations can be so convoluted and confusing that it becomes difficult to really stay connected to what is happening at any given moment. 1000xResist does not have that problem, and while there were moments that I was briefly unsure of what was happening, the fragments quickly come together and the narrative builds to several surprising and affecting reveals, always keeping me grounded enough to engage with its deep themes and emotional beats.

I hate to reduce the gameplay style to being simply visual novel + walking sim but that is really the best comp for the simplistic gameplay of which 90% is just having conversations. You don't have to get to know everyone at all times, but the deeper you let yourself become immersed in this world, the more gut-wrenching, intriguing, and understandable the experience will be.

The story leans heavily on exploring an Asian diaspora experience through a central figure whose family is from Hong Kong. It does this in a sci-fi dystopia where an alien race has come to earth and unleashed a deadly disease, setting forth a survival plan that involves cloning. The result of that attempt unfolds for us in the present, future, and past, with a brilliantly implemented time skip memory exploration mechanic. The plot touches on high school racism, forgiveness, generational trauma, religion, identity, governmental control, and oh so much more - with no easy answers about anything, but rather an invitation to ponder and discuss.

There's no doubt that being fully voiced and having an incredible musical score help a lot in thoroughly keeping the player engrossed, as well. This is a masterful piece of art that I will not stop thinking about for days, weeks, months... and I desperately hope that I will never forget how it has made me feel.

Hekki grace.

A beautiful game with great theming and a really engaging narrative. I really enjoyed the time travel mechanism, and the story kept me hooked all the way to the end.

Hekki grace.

1000xResist es la joya inesperada de este año, algo que ninguno nos vimos venir, pero que dios mio como ha llegado.

Cuando pones un juego al servicio de la narrativa estas jugando todas tus cartas a una sola jugada y, como tengas cualquier pequeño desliz, se te viene la baraja abajo en un instante.

Pues 1000xrResist no solo lo aguanta todo, sino que es que encima va de menos a mas, con un ritmo endiablado para una visual novel, unos temas tremendamente complicados de tratar, con un punto de vista muy unico y un desarrollo de personajes y de mundo impresionante.

En cada momento he sentido por Watcher, por Blue, por el resto de las hermanas, por sus padres, por el mundo, sientes en cada linea de dialogo el amor y detalle que esta puesto en cada segundo de este videojuego, es una absoluta delicia.

Y es que 1000xResist ha sido el juego perfecto para mi, una historia que usa la sci-fi para tratar temas jodidos pero sin perder la persepectiva, unos personajes que se sienten totalmente vivos y consecuentes y una toma de decisiones finales que me dejó pensando durante casi 45minutos que hacer.

En definitiva, 1000xResist es ese juego que se ha conviertido en la tormenta perfecta para mi, ha caido justo cuando tocaba, me ha dado justo en los puntos de presión adecuados y es que encima lo hace con algo que es genuinamente bueno y refrescante de ver en el medio, no vemos un juego asi de bien tratado narrativamente cada dia.

1000xResist is a very intoxicating sci-fi post-apocalypse adventure game. It balances a very bold and explosive toolbox of visual symbols and themes with a very raw style of game-making that doesn't shy away from showing the artists' hand despite the game's cinematic aspirations. The first two thirds are really exceptional and I really admire the way this game is assembled, but the closing hours really undermine the rest of what the game tries to develop. What is almost here is a very well balanced thesis on collectivism vs individualism; we say collectivism based on the will of one person is not really what we're talking about when we say that word. This gets lost as the game struggles through a dramatic change in level design and the introduction of a very silly branching ending system at the last possible second. This is a very evocative game that I had a lot of fun with! Endings are just really important in these cinema heavy adventure games and I think the game would have been better off cutting to black or something like that.

It's a fantastically interesting narrative... wrapped in a technically very subpar game.

I really enjoyed the story throughout, and it's what kept me playing, but the game just doesn't have the budget to properly realize its visual style, which unfortunately takes away from the experience at times.
The gameplay, as simple as it is, is also a bit annoying, with the character feeling a bit slow/clunky, and the environments a bit confusing.

While I felt pretty done with this game by the end, I'm still glad I came around to playing it.