About Backloggd

Backloggd is a place to keep your personal video game collection. Every game from every platform is here for you to log into your journal. Follow friends along the way to share your reviews and compare ratings. Then use filters to sort through your collection and see what matters to you. Keep a backlog of what you are currently playing and what you want to play, see the numbers change as you continue to log your playthroughs. There's Goodreads for books, Letterboxd for movies, and now Backloggd for games.

What's the cost?

There is no cost! Browsing the site is free, creating an account is free, and all current features are completely free! The only form of paid content is under the very optional Backer status you can receive for supporting the site on Patreon. This will grant you a special badge and showcase your profile on the backers page!

How should I use the site?

Honestly it's up to you, as there are no strict guidelines on how you should use each feature. Although if you're wondering what the initial intentions are that can be explained here. You would mark a game as 'Played' if you played the game enough where you feel that you can give it rating. Whether that's playing for a certain amount of time or completing the story, it's up to you. The rest are more self-explanatory with 'Backlog' being for games that you may own but haven't started yet, 'Playing' for games you're playing, and 'Wishlist' for games you don't own but want. Again, these terms are just how they were intended when created but can be used in anyway.

What does following users do?

Following another user allows you to see their activity from your homepage based on any games they add to their journal! You'll also have convenient access to a list of your followers and those who are following you on your profile.

How do I block other users?

You can block any other user by going to a review / comment they've posted, select the Flag icon, select 'Block', and then confirm.

Blocking a user does a few things. First it removes any relationships between the two users, it hides reviews from the blocked user on most pages, it hides comments from the blocked user, and it hides any activities of the blocked user when signed in. Then it also prevents both users from following each other, liking each others' content, and commenting on each others' content.

How do I add a favorite game?

Enter your profile settings and click on an empty tile. A search bar will appear, type in your desired game and select it from the dropdown list!

What are the formatting rules?

You can now apply formatting to many text fields such as a review, comment, bio, and list description. Here you can use these rules to apply the markdown:
*text* - italics
**text** - bold
_text_ - underline
~~text~~ - strikethrough
[Link Title](Link) - Link Title
- In addition any links pasted will also be clickable

I selected "Played", how do I undo it?

No fear! To undo any log status, just reselect the status option or go into the journal and select which statues you want active.

How do I delete a log?

If you want all data associated with you log deleted, just open the journal and select either the trash icon to the right of the dialog box or go into Advanced Options. Note this will delete everything from your reviews to journal dates with that game.

How does the Journal work?

The journal comprises of two sections, Log and Playthroughs. Log is where you mark everything definitive about your time with a game. So all the platforms you've played on, that game's most recent status, and your ultimate rating all include this. Playthroughs is more for getting the details down for those who want to track their daily game activity. By default you'll have 1 playthrough with your log, the rest will be considered replays.

Okay but what are the specific details?


  • Log Game Status is not tied to your profile journal but is used to sort in your Games tab
  • Finish date is how your log appears in your friends' activity feed along with your profile
  • You only get 1 rating per game and anywhere a rating is used is pulled from your Log
  • Your review, playthrough platform, and finish date are all synced / tied with your first playthrough


  • Your first Playthrough is automatically created and associated with your Log when you create one
  • Any Playthroughs created after will be marked as Replays and replace the rating with a replay badge in your profile Journal
  • The dates, statues, and platform selected for a Playthrough are the ones that appear in your profile Journal

How do I change my email?

Go to your Settings, then Account. Just type your new email in the email field, fill in your current password and hit Save Changes. Keep in mind, this will require you to verify your new email.

I can't find my verification email!

No worries! First be sure to check your spam folder, as it's always possible to have ended up there. Next make sure you put in the correct email by going under Settings, then Account. You can change it here if it's incorrect. If you're still having trouble, feel free to contact us here!

I want to close my account.

You can disable your account by going to Settings, then Deactivate account in the top left corner. This won't delete your data but instead make you completely invisble on the site. You will not be able to login once you've done this. If you ever want to reactivate your account after deactivating, just send us an email. If you want to permanently delete your account then also contact us and we'll remove all your information from our database.

Is there a mobile app?

Not yet, but that may change in the near future 😉

Why should I use this site versus others?

While many other options do exist, Backloggd was created out of the want to have something that is clean and simple. We strive to have the site focus on your personal collection and your ratings.

Last Updated: 3/20/2022