Review Policy

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Content policy

Reviews are meant to express your opinions of a game and its topics, we expect other members to be courteous and respectful of others' opinions and refrain from posting unwelcome, aggressive, suggestive, or otherwise inappropriate remarks directed at another member. This generally applies to all user content on the site, be kind to each other.

Meta Content

A game's topics can include its creators, developers, publishers, development, launch, reception and marketing. Meta content can be described as anything that isn't a game or its topics. Reviews made to respond to another user, mock another review, or are otherwise meta content will be removed. Reviews who majorly talk about a game's topics rather than the game itself or admit to not playing the game may have their rating removed to avoid review-bombing.

Some examples:
- DO talk about Cyberpunk 2077's overblown hype
- DO NOT complain about cover art
- DO comment on a game's ratings at release
- DO NOT complain about mods removing a previous review

Meta Evasion

Evading 'Meta Content' removal by incorporating non-'Meta Content' into your review is still not allowed. Your review will be removed and you will be given the chance to remove any 'Meta Content' via an appeal.

Be Authentic

We encourage members to express themselves authentically and share their genuine opinions and experiences. You must not plagiarize anyone else's writing, quotes should be sourced with a link (where available).

No Spoilers

You must mark any review that contains significant plot or gameplay spoilers with 'Spoiler Warning', or we will. You must not remove spoiler flags set on your content by our moderators. You must not post significant plot or gameplay spoilers in list descriptions/notes or comment threads.

No Spam

Reviews who do not relate to the game its reviewing will be removed. Reviews must not contain nothing but a link. If you are linking to a video review you must provide a written summary of that video in your review. Otherwise this will be considered spam and removed.


Members are encouraged to report any violations of these policies to the Backloggd team. We will investigate all reports and take appropriate action.

Removal of content

We reserve the right to remove any content from the Website which we consider to be offensive, unlawful, explicit, graphic or otherwise in breach of these Terms.

Last Updated: 04/04/2023