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Developer Update: Oct 2023

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Oct 07, 2023

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i played this for about 10 hours. i wanted to try and at least finish the story before dropping a score but dear god this game is boring as fuck. i'm patient when it comes to slow openings if i can see the vision. i even enjoyed fallout 4 quite a bit despite it's flaws because it still had that cozy feel i like about bethesda games. but starfield is just loading screen after loading screen. you warp to a planet, drop off at the quest marker, kill some guys, warp again. there's nothing of value to explore. the game is ugly, runs like shit, and the quests are boring. the gun play is solid but that's about it. I don't like comparing games in reviews, but in a year with bg3 and cyberpunk 2.0, starfield is so unremarkable. hell, even day one cyberpunk was more fun than this. i know 10 hours isn't alot but another 30 hours of loading screens doesn't sound appealing.

A mission-based third-person shooter where you play as five different school girls (each with their own unique buffs) in an attempt to rid their high school of a zombie invasion. It's absolutely not a good game, but I did have fun with it and finished it. I probably don't recommend this game to anyone besides those looking for an average TPS where your clothes fall off the more you take damage or throwing your clothes off on purpose to distract zombies away from you. Anyways, it's fine.

2 full playthroughs and 108 hours later and this game is still dog ass.
combat can be very engaging, but one has to qualify that with "as long as you're on a difficulty where the enemies don't become bullet sponges" and "as long as you don't think about the 'profile' system that completely kills the appeal of replayability from a mechanical perspective".
the story and general narrative atmosphere is a mess, the gameplay outside of combat is stale, and the game as a whole is defined by the number of clashing priorities that drag down the entire experience.
andromeda was destined to fail from almost the beginning of its development cycle, and the resulting product is just that; a failure.

This is the quintessential 'I understand why it's important but I don't like it' type of game.
This game thrives on intrinsic motivation, and in terms of goals in the game itself, there are almost none.
To a lot of people, that is a positive.
But it just isn't for me.

Past News

Mentions, Notifications, Appeals

And so much more in this mini-update!

Apr 04, 2023

Log Editor Beta

Along with a small set of other changes in this 1.10.5 update!

Feb 05, 2023

December Mini Update

A small batch of improvements, fixes, and additions just in time for the holidays.

Dec 18, 2022

Developer Update: Oct 2022

This development update I’ll be recapping some smaller releases that happened, touching on the progress of the log editor beta, and give a reminder about a certain upcoming event.

Oct 24, 2022

Logging Feedback Results

The 1.10 feedback survey results return from the polls, along with some notes on how I’m handling next steps.

Aug 21, 2022

1.10 Logging Update

If there was ever going to be a Backloggd 2, this would be it.

Jul 01, 2022