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Hi-Fi Rush

Log Editor Beta

Along with a small set of other changes in this 1.10.5 update! READ MORE

Feb 05, 2023

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The exploration is enjoyable, though I could see how some could find it frustrating. Especially if you go in without any background knowledge. I enjoy the freedom the game gives you with the dungeons, something later Zelda games lack. The combat is pretty decent but sometimes it can be annoying (the stupid mages).

It's okay. I never was a fan of the 'chaotic madness rng' type of games in this realm, I literally only get to play it with the one other person who owns it, and they have 20+ hours so my mileage is not the norm. I think it's okay, but I dislike it for the same reason I dislike TABG and similar chaos titles, there are just better party games.

This is how a remake should be done!
The graphics fit perfectly and the gameplay is the same old genius THPS is known for in its first iterations.
We have the old soundtrack on board and the new music added fits really good too! And songs can be switched off completely so you can make it your playlist of highlights yourself!
The only sad thing is that i can't replay the first experience of going through this remake again. Such a good and fun game that i like to put on from time to time to just vibe and do some tricks to good as hell music!

This is surprisingly one of my favorite 2d mario games. Very solid level design, which is enhanced by amazing level themes. They are so creative and its even better thanks to this mod. The only improvement I would make would be slightly better controls, their a tad stiff but are not that bad. Would highly recommend!!!

Past News

December Mini Update

A small batch of improvements, fixes, and additions just in time for the holidays.

Dec 18, 2022

Developer Update: Oct 2022

This development update I’ll be recapping some smaller releases that happened, touching on the progress of the log editor beta, and give a reminder about a certain upcoming event.

Oct 24, 2022

Logging Feedback Results

The 1.10 feedback survey results return from the polls, along with some notes on how I’m handling next steps.

Aug 21, 2022

1.10 Logging Update

If there was ever going to be a Backloggd 2, this would be it.

Jul 01, 2022

An Update on Moderation

Everything good comes in moderation.

Mar 10, 2022

1.9 Merging Update

Game identification just got serious.

Aug 01, 2021