Elden Ring is a fantasy, action and open world game with RPG elements such as stats, weapons and spells. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

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I played it for 40 hours- had an insane amount of fun exploring. Not sure if I'll abandon it or not, I really loved my time with it but I hit a wall unfortunately.

My first FromSoftware game. I kinda just like walking around the world and looking at stuff. Everything is super cool, from the boss designs, to the arenas, and the world itself.
As for my gripes with the game, I did not really enjoy how clunky multiplayer feels and how invasions are just kinda annoying. You could be low level and be goofing off in a low level area with your friends, only to be invaded by some douche who decided to somehow get high level stuff and completely wreck you.
Other than that, I would say overall that the worldbuilding is the game's strongest area.

I've finally accepted that I personally do not enjoy soulslike combat despite how popular it may seem online. However, every part outside of that was enjoyable for me across the 30 hours I did spend with the game. This is probably one of the weirdest experiences with a game I had in a while in terms of my thoughts to say the least as I did not beat the game nor do I plan to but I feel as though I've gotten my money's worth from whenever I wasn't in combat due to great music, art design, a great open world with fun traversal, etc.

Elden Ring creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is one of the greatest video game auteurs working today, a factotum genius with a compelling origin story who has done more to influence and elevate the medium of games than any other single individual in the last decade. Elden Ring is Miyazaki's first attempt at an open world game, the dominant and ubiquitous genre in triple A development and Elden Ring (the 'open world Dark Souls'), represents his most ambitious and enticing project to date.
For a long time whilst playing this impossibly vast (still an understatement) title, I and many other friends passionate about video games, considered the possibility that this could be the greatest video game ever made. It took everything that made the Dark Souls games so incredible - narrative ambiguity, gripping lore, labyrinthine level-design, aesthetic unity, synchronised mechanics and thematics - and cranked it up to 11 by massively increasing the scope. That it was seemingly able to do this without sacrificing the series' unparalleled quality and consistency was miraculous to an extent it became impossible not to resort to hyperbole.
Unfortunately, the game doesn't stick the landing. By the end, balance issues, repeated enemy types and recycled content serve to undermine the previously transcendent experience to remind you that Elden Ring is still an open world game (with all the negative associations that implies) and even a genius like Miyazaki cannot maintain the kind of quality control present across the linear titles from his oeuvre.
Criticisms aside, what we did get is so far in advance of everything else released this year and despite the end game roughness, Elden Ring remains undeniably one of gaming's finest achievements. A true paradigm shift for the medium, a seemingly once-in-a-generation recalibration of old ideas that takes those ideas to the next level. Many developers have tried to imitate Miyazaki's games on a mechanical level, and Elden Ring makes a hell of an argument that those pale imitations never stood a chance. Other studios will continue to struggle to figure out what made Dark Souls work for years to come, while Miyazaki's endless ambitious and near flawless execution continues to leave them as outstripped, outthought and outmanoeuvred as a first-time player about to face off with Malenia, Blade of Miquella for the 200th time.
Rating: 9.4

Great game, best fromsoftware game I've played and has the best story. There actually feels like theres a constant story going on which is nice and the bosses are really cool. Only issues is this is indeed a souls game so the stamina meter, cheap bosses, weird glitches and because I played it as it came out, there was no way to know where NPCs or other things were so I missed out on alot. Still this is definitely the best of the from soft games I've played and happy it was so satisfying