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A great competitor to Space Invaders, Galaxian showcases a primitive time in arcade games when publishers were starting to make more complex mechanics. Instead of the aliens marching along as a pseudo timer, Galaxian allows the player to take as long as they wish to clear a wave. However, the aliens charge at you, often two or more at a time providing an extra dodging challenge not present in Space Invaders.

While Galaxian iterated on Space Invaders, the more well known Galaga iterated upon Galaxian. Galaga's graphics are more polished, you're allowed two shots instead of one, and everything is generally faster. While Galaga is a great title in it's own way, Galaxian offers more differences than people realize.

Because Galaxian has a slower feel to it, you are encouraged to be more accurate with your shots. The button mashing associated with Galaga doesn't work here, and makes every shot deliberate and intentional. Personally, I find Galaxian more challenging because of this, and makes for good practice for top down shooters of the era.

It hasnt aged well, but the historical value was fun to look into!

After trying to beat all the Sigma stages in a row for over a month, I'm throwing in the towel. It takes too long for me to get through a level, and while I have been able to get a working password after the 2nd level, saving after the first or 3rd will make me start the sigma stages from scratch. After some research I guess this is a common thing in the early Mega Man X games, and I was gaslighting myself that I had the password wrong.

There's nothing wrong with Mega Man X, In fact I enjoyed many aspects of the game, but I'm shelving it for now. It's challenging, and if I pick it up again, it would be on an emulator with save-states between each sigma stage. At least password games inadvertently allow switching to and from OG hardware with ease!
Yeah not really a real review, sorry. I'll write a proper one if I ever come back to finish this :)

It's better than Super Scope 6... but is still one of the most boring games I've ever played.

There's nothing wrong with Yoshi's Safari, it just felt all the same. There are 12 stages and they each play almost identically with a boss at the end. The bosses were unique visually, but they all boil down to "shoot where the bullets are coming from". After the 5th stage, I was honestly tuning out and wishing I had any other game plugged in. It was borderline mind-numbingly easy.

Anyways, this time I set up the super scope differently and my accuracy was much better; not that it mattered much with the turbo function but oh well. I had a line on the left quarter of the screen where it didnt pick up at all, but it felt better than my previous experience with the hardware!

Yoshi's Safari has an 'extra quest' after beating the game. I dont know if it's harder or if the levels are different, but I dont want to play it either way. It's unlocked via button combo, so if it's harder then I'd probably recommend that as the way to play this game since the normal way chugged.

I'm not sure if I want to continue playing the rest of the super scope library, but it was fun to mess with it after digging it out of storage!