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game 2 of my anxiety saga (game 3 was dawntrail)

played this at what was arguably the peak of my anxiety episode. fucking hell it would be extremely dumb of me if i thought about games solely on their fun factor wouldn't it? i don't think i had fun even once, no actually i don't think i want to ever see this game in front of me ever again some horrible terrible memories have been ingrained into it and the aesthetics and how aggressive it was did not help. this was the textbook definition of playing the wrong game at the wrong time (a notion i'm always surprised at how barely i see people take it into account when they hate something, i guess people don't like thinking it could be an issue with them and not the game itself)

fun is a feeling, it's as much of a feeling as dread is, and happiness, and understanding and anger, it's not indicative of quality no, Reggie is wrong. actually he was always wrong he was a CEO and a spokesperson why would he ever be right. i feel stupid it took me so long to understand this.

there's no objectivity in art, what you get is dialogue. not in a "art needs to teach" way no only the most insufferable unimaginative people ever think that art needs to teach, when art itself is devoid of "need" it only "is", it speaks to the void and some willing people listen. children of the sun had things to say and i like a lot of them, even though i didn't have fun, even though this was probably the worst experience i've ever had with a videogame and it was absolutely not the game's fault. sometimes this just happens, whatever score i'm giving only pertains to me it only makes sense to me and it's not for anyone else. people say i'm a good listener and maybe that's why i like games so much, i like listening to what 1 or 400 people have to say to me, and a lot of the time it's interesting stuff!

twice has Final Fantasy XIV carried me through the worst anxiety attacks of my whole life, back in 2016 with Heavensward and right now with Dawntrail. it always manages to give me a semblance of normalcy to my life, i'm still able to laugh feel excited and cry even though i sometimes feel like i'm outside my own body. at least this time i was playing alongside my wonderful bf, so he also helped in grounding me to reality a lot. they also decided to talk about death yet again so yeah this one hit hard

if the whole game was just the rite of succession i would've honestly been satisfied. i like Tural, i like basically -all- the new characters, I like the places, they don't feel similar at all even though i thought they would. they're comfy and i like how diverse a single map can be between it's two halves. the adventure-like feel this first part has honestly reminds me of why i started getting hooked on One Piece in the first place. but i'm also so happy the second half exists, it's one of the things i've always loved Final Fantasy for after all.

i'm so glad the team made our character a sidelines one this time, a wise powerful mentor that is only there for eventual guidance and reassurance. this, i feel, is literally the best route the story could go after EW. give the spotlight to someone else, i loved Wuk Lamat she's very precious. also she's being very good at filtering WoW people or people that still think that Vaan was a final hour addition to XII, so i'm very happy as these kind of people have proven time and time again they don't care about storytelling, they just want more of the same but in a different coat of paint. i freaking despise creative guidelines or rules, fuck whoever is engaging with the art honestly they aren't owed anything not even for $50 the only thing you're owed is the game not crashing and that's it.

very happy with how dungeon and fight design have been handled this expansion and i'm hoping they keep this trend going forward as it seems like they're actually having fun coming up with ideas and ways to surprise the player. graphic revamp is also super nice my Au Ra now looks even more done with everything than ever before and i think that's beautiful

i tackle each XIV expansion as a totally new game and so far i have not been disappointed, Dawntrail has just cemented how important this game is to me and how much love i feel poured into it always. and as long as this game continues to be a good way to cope, to meet virtually with my bf and my friends, and stays fun, i'll probably be here until its servers close.

i think some people don't properly recall how being a dumb teenager/early adult feels like because they never really phased out of the dumb part