released on Jul 18, 2002

A third-person shooter developed and published by Red Entertainment (Sega in North America and Activision in Europe) for the PlayStation 2. Gungrave follows its main character through a variety of stages on a path of revenge.

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Pinche juego todo estúpido (Lo volvería a jugar)

they really don't make 7/10s as good as this anymore

Kick-ass arcade-style action with controls similar to Resident Evil. Don't get it twisted, Gungrave plays unlike anything I have before, but its design sensibilities harken back to a more experimental - and flat-out more fun - game design found within the middle-shelf market at the time.
It's a lie to say "we don't get games like these, anymore" seeing a new Gungrave released last year, but we could use a re-invention of the 3rd-person-shooter and Gungrave has some neat ideas up its sleeve I havent seen much of anywhere else.
Just make sure if you're booting this up today that you have either a controller with dedicated turbo support or run this in an emulator, because it isn't worth breaking your hand over a game that's damn cool besides the carpel tunnel infliction.

In an era where almost every game feels extremely bloated to get that 50 hour play time it's really nice to go back to something that's short but oh so sweet. Gungrave is an action packed ride of pure spectacle that doesn't overstay its welcome which took me about two hours to beat on my first try.

Solid asffffffffffff, I think the gameplay is top notch and i guess i see what some ppl mean when they say this game is kind of slow or clunky but i just thought it added to the scale of this fuckin Dude you control, brendan/grave is a beast and everything about his kit and the shit u use in his arsenal in this exemplifies this. I think my biggest issues with this are just that it's so S H O R T like oh my god i was so surprised at how quick i beat it even though i was pumpin through these levels back to back to back to back!
I think the funniest thing about my playthrough is that somehow I didnt realize there was a run button until the last stage(i just dodgerolled everywhere.,,.,, AND i didnt realize till mid-game that you can actually self heal and switch up bullets and junk
which is so gnarly
I think the bosses can be really easy in this game once you got a grip on usin the different bullets and specialty vials
As for the story im sorry to say but ive.. actually never Watched or Read anything relating to Gungrave
So i cant exactly remark on anything with the story since whats here is interesting enough to get someone like me Into the show but i feel to judge it as anything higher or lower than kind of neat would be unfair bc of my lack of familiarity with the source material
but hohhhhhhhhhhh how this game sounds, the visual style, its all pretty satisfyingg
final thoughts: gungrave is a delightful little game with some sweet designs and god does it leave you scratching and wanting more as if you were going through withdraw
THIS SHIT ALSO HAS LITTLE FIGURINES YOU CAN LOOK AT IN TOY BOXES, WHAT A MARVELOUS IDEA FOR A MODEL VIEWERRRRRR UGH! i love that so much.. i just might snag tht idea for the future hyeheheheheheheh