Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

released on Feb 29, 2024

A remake of Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the new story in the Final Fantasy VII remake project, a reimagining of the iconic original game into three standalone titles by its original creators. In this game, players will enjoy various new elements as the story unfolds, culminating in the midpoint from the original Final Fantasy VII.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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The game is sprawling in the worst way possible. It's bloated without meaningful reward, and is excessively padded. As a massive fan of Remake, and the Original, I'm disappointed the team chose to fluff the title.

I did not know what to expect from this game after playing the already amazing 7 remake. I thought to myself how would they find a way to improve upon something already nearly flawless and wow was I amazed after finishing my 110 hour playthrough. Everything was vastly improved upon whether it was the combat, world, quest's, side quests etc. The exploration was fun and I had a great time defeating various enemies in different areas. The characters and plot had me hooked and dreading having to conclude this one of a kind experience. I have no problem waiting a few years for the conclusion of this story if it means the game would be on par with this entry.

This is my personal perfect game. My love for FF7 and its remake games are unmatched and this game was one of my most precious experiences ever. It would be hard to just put my thoughts into words.

The world is gorgeous and feels alive with beautiful and cozy towns such as Kalm and feels lived in with the remnants of the republic sprinkled throughout. The atmosphere of this world is phenomenal.

Everything character has my heart and their relationships with each other are fully fleshed out and feel real. The new additions to the story are great too, especially Elena who im a big fan of :>

The story had me hooked all the way through and anytime i wasnt playing i was thinking about it. Perhaps my personal bias towards Aerith definitely added to the story as well but every character has their time and fits perfectly. The new parts of the story, while confusing at the moment, are super cool and really add even more to the already perfect story from the original. Finally seeing more of Zack throughout the game was fucking awesome too.

The combat, just like remake, is still outstanding and every fight is enjoyable, with some tough fights inside too. There is never a boring moment throughout the story segments and it kept me engaged throughout the entire experience. The abundance of minigames are all uniquely fun and add to that special fun vibe that ff7 has super well.

The ost is easily one of my favourites ever. Every song blends so perfectly into the atmosphere and really helps to immerse you in the world around you. Obviously expected out of a FF game though.......

However i do think that rebirth suffers from having too much content at times. Spread throughout the world are ubisoft checklist like objectives (except theyre actually in a good game) that i personally found a little overwhelming at times, leaving me to pause for a bit to take a break. Eventually i stopped doing the more basic tasks and did the side missions and protorelic missions instead, which i found kept me more engaged. Even with these issues though i still think they dont take away from the overall perfection of this game and couldnt recommend it more

Easiest 10/10 i could ever give a game and i dont think ill ever forget about it, or stop talking about it for that matter.

It's like having the world's greatest pizza for dinner and having to drive to a different county for each slice.

Pretty much a near perfect game, the amount of content at high quality it can't be beat by most games.

A remarkable game for a FF7 fan. Improved on Remake and added so much more - can see myself going back to complete extra tough quests. Part 3 will find it tough to exceed this!