Viewtiful Joe

released on Jun 26, 2003

Joe is no ordinary man and Viewtiful Joe is no ordinary game. Capcom's new superhero action game mixes funky cartoon-style visuals with classic side-scrolling gameplay and introduces the world's quirkiest million dollar action hero. More than just any ordinary dude, Joe must transform into the ultimate superhero. It's up to you to activate the correct view mode like "slow" or "zoom in" in order to clobber your enemies with beautiful style. You can also speed up or slow down your visual effects for even more "viewtiful" moves. Viewtiful Joe mixes an innovative viewpoint with an amazing stunt-filled action movie universe.

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very charming and a fun kamiya/platinum game as usual. the music gets annoying after a bit, as does the combat though.

This game is amazing! Probably one of the best beat 'em ups I've ever played. The action, writing, characters, levels and even the graphics, everything is very over the top and exaggerated. But the best thing is that it just fits perfectly! The gameplay also helps this "anime-feel", since you really need to know what you're doing in order to get to the ending and it's just nice to pull a good tough combo or figure out how to defeat a boss. Also, there are some very good unlockables here!

Few things annoyed me, though. This game is brutal and that's ok, but some parts felt like it was brutal for the sake of being brutal. That "boss gauntlet" is just bad design and what's up with the final episode? Everything in it is just repetitive and tedious. In my opinion, the devs got lazy after the fight with Leo.

Other than that, GREAT game! Play it NOW!

played it a bit as a kid and really liked it but it was too hard, i need to give it another run as an adult

I tried, I failed, I gave up.

Viewtiful Joe has been a game I've wanted to play since I first saw its advertisements back in the early 2000's. It has so much style, oozes cool, and just gives off a vibe that my teenage boy brain wanted to play so badly. Unfortunately, I never got to experience Joe's adventures at the game's launch and now, many years later, I can't even beat the first level...

As much as I wanted to love and adore Viewtiful Joe I just suck at this game and abandoned it to play other things. Sorry Joe.

An inventive and viewtiful brawler/platformer that is great in replayability with a challenge curve that rewards competence with fun unlockable extra modes to ascend even higher difficulties and some other cool stuff.