A Bird Story

released on Nov 07, 2014

A Bird Story is a simple, surreal short about a boy and a bird with a broken wing. Its sole purpose is to tell a story, and can be viewed as a narrative/animation with interactivity -- but without a line of dialogue. It is a standalone game with its own beginning and endings; but for those who's played To the Moon, the boy eventually grows up to become the next patient in the series.

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Nice prologue to Finding Paradise and already very emotional here too, really whets the appetite for the main game.

A cute mini episode. Its fun having the teaser for the next game in the series be its own little game rather than just a trailer or an announcement. I'm indecisive though on whether or not I'd consider this required story to play before Finding Paradise.

No está mal. Es muy simple, pero me emocionó un poco.

Very interesting game in that it doesn't use any word and relatively simple gameplay to tell the story. Essentially it's an animation made in the RPG maker engine, which makes it quite unique.

Lasting about an hour, it's a very touching story in my opinion.

A cute little story. Nothing much going on in terms of gameplay.

You play it for the story, that's it