Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

released on Jan 21, 2008

Days of Ruin takes place in an entirely new world where a large-scale meteor shower triggered massive global destruction that eradicated 90 percent of the population. After the catastrophe, the survivors have formed together into militaristic bands that are warring over the last remaining scraps of civilization. You'll take control of Will, a young military cadet (whose hair is admittedly just a little spiky) who quickly becomes embroiled in the conflict at the outset of the game.

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It's the only Advance Wars game I was really into

4 localized entries into AW and I've seen this series go from 'war games satire' to 'found family beats the shit out of the ginyu force' to 'power of friendship beats the shit out of carbon emissions' to 'western apocalypse drama'.
As IntSys drifts further away from the original's meta-contextualization of tabletop strategy, the weird balance issues feel at odds with its tone: You have this depression-age slaughterhouse conflict happening amidst the franchise's most overly-balanced entry. Feels off. The new unit types and revisions to power/pricing levels help cover all the utility-based gaps from 1/2/DS - Dusters as an all-purpose budget plane, Gunboats for cheap sea damage, Antitanks to block vehicles from sniping indirects, - but I could not tell you how many times a match became a borderline stalemate.
AI is defensive to a fault, doubly so with Air units. If they get a chance to set up their field with 1-2 of each major attack type (air, tank, indirect), they'll just make an impenetrable wall. Often times, there was no way to win without poking holes in the enemy front until they screwed up. I'm aware the game isn't balanced once you get into PvP and bring in the new CO power system (what were they thinking), but in story mode, it's too sterile. But more than anything, it clashes with the feral characterization of the world and its resources. For a story about 99% of infrastructure getting bulldozed by God, you sure do build more units than any game preceding it. I LIKE spamming my Mechs, B-Copters and Artillery! Breaking things is fun!
Couldn't say one thing or another about the plot. It's not what I want out of AW and I think you could chop the script length in half, but I never 'disliked' it. Very 'political'; a lot of posturing about loyalty and war morale, was surprised how visceral its writing gets for being an E-rated Nintendo gig. They sure do talk a lot about drinking each other's blood for sport. Best part is they finally commit to the 'pull the trigger' bit they cockteased in Dual Strike. Couldn't really name characters or moments I got sucked into, besides Brenner, Lin and Caulder's 'family'. I like Will's convictions and think 'optimistic shonen self-insert' was probably the best foil possible for this setup, but he ain't no Andy.
In spite of balance issues and tonal dissonance this is still worth the time imo. Difficulty feels the lowest of the series up to this point, using expensive units ad hominem is fun, the ways they mix up story battles are cool, and there's bits of QOL/refinement that make it more digestible than its predecessors. Debatably the best starting point, especially since 1/2/DS aren't acknowledged in any capacity here.

The story is nothing more than serviceable and the dialoge is cheesy but the gameplay can be extremely engaging and somewhat addictive.

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The video game known as Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is a true work of art. With its grim post-apocalyptic setting and complex gameplay mechanics, the game provides an unforgettable experience that will keep players engrossed for hours on end. The presentation of the game is also excellent, with beautiful visuals and a fantastic soundtrack that perfectly captures the spirit of the game.
However, the sheer quantity of its content is what makes Advance Wars: Days of Ruin stand out from the crowd. The game's replay value is second to none thanks to the extensive and difficult campaign mode and the skirmish mode that lets players test their skills against the AI or other players. Playing Advance Wars: Days of Ruin will leave an indelible impression on anyone, whether they are seasoned veterans of strategy games or newcomers to the genre.
The game's setting is a post-apocalyptic world where civilization as we know it was wiped out by a meteor strike. In order to lead their army to victory, players must make their way through a barren and desolate landscape. Players can either take on the role of Will, leader of a small band of survivors, in the game's campaign mode, or engage in skirmishes against the computer or human opponents in the skirmish mode.
The game's mechanics are among the best things about Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. The game features numerous unit and landscape types, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The game's challenging campaign mode cannot be completed without first mastering these components. With the game's turn-based combat system, players must strategically allocate their resources and place their units to gain an advantage.
The vast amount of content in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is what makes it stand out. The game's replay value is second to none thanks to its extensive and difficult campaign mode and its skirmish mode, where players can pit their skills against the computer or other players. If you're a fan of strategy games or have never tried one before, you should definitely check out Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.

This game needs a remaster ASAP. Especially considering the more cartoon nature of the 1+2 boot camp, this game has a super mature setting and feeling to it. The OST design is genius too. Really a shame it was the game that "killed" the franchise, since it was received so poorly. Banger game

I love this game it was some of the most fun I had playing local multiplayer with friends. The art direction and music was cool.