released on Dec 31, 1996


released on Dec 31, 1996

Telling people where to go is just the beginning. Welcome to Afterlife, a world-building simulation that lets you create the hereafter in the here and now. Possessed of an unearthly sense of humor, it all begins in a god-knows-where galaxy. As a "regional spiritual director" your task, given to you by the Powers That Be, is to develop two prime planes of “unreal estate” - heaven and hell - simultaneously. Keep the billions of souls happy by giving them the rewards and punishments they deserve. The wages of sin are plentiful. Open up your afterlife with the Pearly Gates of Heaven or the Fiery Gates of Hell, zone for the Seven Deadly Sins and/or their respective Virtues. Then lay down some roads. Soon, the dearly departed arrive in droves. Keep them in your afterlife and you flourish. Lose too many along the way and it may mean a visit from the Four Surfers of the Apocalypso (not a good time). Factor in a half-dozen or so supernatural disasters (not including total annihilation), money problems and headaches from the planet and you're in for infinite hours of gameplay.

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Si me dicen que los ayudantes estaban escritos por Terry Prattchet, me lo creo.

Don't really feel comfortable rating this one because after hours trying to understand what I was supposed to be doing I just couldn't get the hang of it. I don't mean it's poorly designed, there are just a lot of systems at play here and I couldn't wrap my head around them.

I think this is really cool in concept, but extremely catered to an audience interested in efficiency management on top of being inaccessible due to aged design.

Maybe I'll come back to it some day! But for now it's not for me.

a simcity 2000 esque game where you build your own heaven and hell. if that sounds interesting to you, be prepared to throw out any assumptions that this plays exactly like simcity 2000.

someone on also scanned the player's guide for afterlife, and it's honestly required reading while playing coz the game's pretty impenetrable without it. gamefaqs and gameplay videos also help. (

that aside, afterlife's an interesting little builder game, if far too complex for it's own good.