released on Feb 20, 2016


released on Feb 20, 2016

Every house is haunted. Explore a suburban house, collect cassette tapes, study the physiology of domestic architecture.

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I've played all of Kitty Horrorshow's Haunted Cities games, so I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I was not ready. Where those games are brilliant, little vignettes into these creepy themes and aesthetics, Anatomy TERRIFIED me.

The movie Skinamarink taps into a lot of similar primal childhood fears as this, of being alone in a really dark house, slowly moving through this space, hoping desperately for something to break the tension and dread. A lesser game would provide you with this cheap catharsis, a jump scare, a spooky little guy. But in Anatomy, the fear is so much deeper. The house is a living breathing organism, and you are a parasite haunting it.

Despite the stripped-down simplicity of this game, in which the only real mechanic per se is finding tapes and playing them,Kitty Horrorshow employs game-specific mechanics masterfully. She knows what you as a player are expecting from this experience, and repeatedly twists that expected catharsis away from you. In one moment, the tape narrates about a man entering the door, walking down the front hallway, towards the room you are currently in, and it's so much scarier peeking around that doorway and seeing that there is no one there. Another little subversion is that the first playthrough, so much of the fear is in the near total darkness, and yet when you can later turn on the TV and the lamp, the light is barely reassuring, relieving none of the dread of this house itself. And do I even have to mention the tape in the upstairs bedroom?

Play this game, and make sure you check the read me to make sure you get the full experience.

Decent body horror game, much like silent hill 4 it takes your safe haven.. Your house and turns it against you. Have fun!

OAagghhhh I love this game so muchhh! The concept and it's executionis just so cool and good. The dread and spook of it, the atmosphere. I've played this game like 5 times, it's one of amy all time favourites <3

peep... the horror

good moments of 'well they just told me it was scary NOW I have to go down there :/'