Batman: Arkham Asylum

released on Aug 25, 2009

Using a great variety of gadgets you must make your way around the island, and the asylums halls to find and stop the joker. The game uses a 3-button combat system, but with a great number of gadget abilites which Batman can unlock. This makes for a very cinematic combat experience when fighting the Joker's goons.

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17.9 hours to complete
i fucking love this game, the combat mechanics are top tier. this was the first game i completed when i was a kid and its still great replaying it.

Honestly this game is so perfectly linear with collectibles that encourages you to explore a great crafted rich environment. Absolutely a shame that each game just stuffs more and more side content that takes away from the game. And slowly removes itself from the gothic art style in favour for bland gritty realism

Awesome (expect when it’s not (but when it is👌👌👌😩))

I remember playing this game and enjoying it, but it was a long enough time ago I don't want to give it a rating.

The bane fights suck but the rest is kino