Boyfriend Dungeon

released on Aug 11, 2021

In this title not only are you able to work your way through a variety of procedural dungeons taking on enemies and collecting loot you’re able to spend that loot dating your weapons.

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Boyfriend Dungeon does the dating sim thing very well, but the dungeon crawling is just serviceable. The characters and dates are so varied and interesting. I love the way the game explores less romantic or successful dating. It's definitely worth trying if you like dating cute anime sword boys.

Believe it or not. It's a simple and nice dungeon crawler. I liked the story, the soundtrack was great, and it can get pretty addicting.

tldr version of below: if you're looking for good queer content, look elsewhere, or accept that you're comfortable scraping the bottom of the barrel
The game fails both as a dungeon crawler and a dating sim at this time. While the dungeon crawling mechanics are solid (if very simplistic) hack and slash fare, the very limited amount of variance in the disappointingly short procedurally generated levels in the two dungeons mean you will speed through them very quickly. Coupled with the fact that the limited amount of discoverable items currently available as rewards for these dungeon crawls means that the sole reason to delve into these two dungeons is simply to max out your next bond levels with your favorite romanceable weapons. Even this would probably be more forgivable if the romances were satisfying - they aren't.
Boyfriend Dungeon currently has three (3) male romance options, two (2) nonbinary, one (1, this game isn't called Girlfriend Dungeon for a reason) female, and a single cat that mercifully only has a friendship route available. Two additional romances have been teased as eventual Kickstarter-backed rewards that will be added at a later date, one male (an axe, currently appearing only as a cameo in the early stages of the game; also the only hypothetically romanceable character to feature a less 'conventionally attractive' physique if we remember that the cat is thankfully just your friend) and one female (a hammer, currently absent.) There's an attempt to inject deeper themes such as issues of fidelity, living with chronic mental illness, and coping with loss into the romances, of which there are six (6) scenes total for each potential Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Theyfriend. The problem is that these attempts to add more complex issues into each weapon's storyline does little to enhance them if each character amounts to little more than stock tropes.
The Glaive recently came out as nonbinary and is learning to embrace their identity! Cool, but what's the point of that if the writing for each of their scenes doesn't progress beyond 'this character is literally a child that doesn't know what basic food items are?' The Talwar attempts to reconcile a wildly polyamorous lifestyle with a desire to connect with people on a deeper, meaningful level, but what's point of that if his character can be reduced to 'promiscuous vampire' every time he appears on screen? Special shoutout to the Laser Saber and the Scythe, who are both dealing with their own versions of depression, and that of course justifies how incredibly rude they are to you. I dunno about you, but if I wanted to be negged for around $20 USD I'd just get a Tinder Gold subscription.

The dating sim part is decent. The art style is nice, most characters are likeable but their arcs are short and don't feel developed enough. And they're locked behind advancing through the dungeon crawl part, so expect a lot of back-and-forth that feels a bit tedious after a while, especially if you're trying to build your relationship with more than one person. The option for your character to be polyamorous if you choose to is nice, if not directly addressed in-game.
The dungeon crawl part is fun enough, but feels repetitive after a while. I do like that the different weapons play differently, though the one that you're more likely to bring to combat might not even be someone you want to try pursue.
Overall it does feel like a game that is trying to be two different things but isn't focused enough on either. Still had some fun with this, though.

Boyfriend Dungeon is an interesting take on a dating sim/dungeon crawler. I think it's got interesting characters that everyone can enjoy. Definitely easier than some others out there and can be finished fairly quickly.

I’d like to apologize about my previous review of this game. I was visiting my grandparents, so any amount of intellectual stimulation brought me great joy.
And yeah, this game can certainly provide intellectual stimulation. It’s fun enough to not get boring for an hour at a time, but once you’re done, you’ll think “that’s it?”. In my original review I thought the game was too short but now with the dlc and another dungeon I realize that no, it’s just bad.
Nothing about this game really works. The dating sim aspect of this game feels tacked on but so does the dungeon aspect, so it just feels like two things tacked on to a main game that doesn’t exist.
The art is nice and every now and then there is a single well-written line every now and then but all in all, this game is just a huge waste of time.