Capcom Fighting Collection

released on Jun 24, 2022
by Capcom

Ten of Capcom's greatest fighting classics faithfully reproduced from the game's beloved original versions. Line-up includes games from the Street Fighter series, all five titles from the Darkstalkers series, and the cute-but-fierce Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. And don't forget Red Earth, appearing for the first time on home consoles and PC!

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probably my favorite old games collections,you can tell they put effort porting these games and make it work on consoles/PCs.

This is the fighting game collection I have been waiting for. Having Darkstalkers on the go is something I have been missing since the psp days. (RIP my PSP batteries, they exploded.) Now that I have that again, I couldn't be more happy.

But then I rediscovered my love for Pocket Fighter. I haven't touched it in years but this collection got me hooked on it again.

I'm not holding out hope for a new Darkstalkers game but having these old ones easily available on my Switch is worth the $40. Plus the other games are a great time as well.

The bonuses are cool if you are into concept art and like the music. I have the Darkstalkers art book, so I have seen most of what they include already for those games. But some of the other games' art I don't think I've seen floating around anywhere.

It's a great collection of games that get little love from Capcom (Well minus Street Fighter II. They will give us 100 more versions of Street Fighter II if they can.)

I'm gonna go play more now~~

This collection made me so damn happy. You mean to tell me I can play Vsav in 2022 with rollback netcode and ranked mode????

Yeah just Vsav alone makes this a 9/10 for me but this is just such a fantastic bundle for the price point. you get 10 games ALL with rollback online and ranked. You can even queue up for all 10 games at once which makes matchmaking faster if you want to play more then one of the games. If you are a fan of Darkstalker you owe it to yourself to buy and support this collection and just have a great time with it!

an amazing value. A compilation of all the arcade darkstalkers game plus some hidden gems(no pun intended) with a great netcode. My only problems are the difficulty of some games but at the same time they were made to eat are coins and that it includes a version of street fighter 2. I love street fighter but i think that was unnecessary